Experience modification rate EMR

Experience modification rate

Experience modification rate (EMR) What is experience modification rate? Experience modification rate is a commonly used business and safety metric which insurers use to calculate a specific company’s insurance premium. Experience modification rate is often shortened to EMR, and can…

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Safe work method statement

Safety – Safe work method statement

Safe Work Method Statement: Everything you need to know about SWMS JUMP TO SECTION SWMS definition The purpose of a safe work method statement When is a safe work method statement required? Elements of a safe work method statement How…

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Example of a safe work method statement

Example safe work method statement

Example Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) – Use or copy these examples Is there one true example of a safe work method statement? When thinking about creating a new SWMS or updating our old one, one of our first thoughts…

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Risk response plan

Commercial – Risk response plan

Risk response plan: What to know about risk planning + an example What is a risk response plan? Broadly speaking, risk response planning is the systematic process of developing options and determining actions to risks. A risk response plan is…

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Interesting safety topics

Safety – Interesting safety topics

Interesting safety topics Is it important to cover ‘interesting’ safety topics? The purpose of discussing safety, conducting toolbox talks and doing formal safety training is to keep people safe – not to entertain them or keep things interesting. But, when…

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Risk evaluation method

Safety – Risk evaluation methods

Risk evaluation methods What is the ‘best’ risk evaluation method? Risk evaluation is one of the most important parts of project management and of running any business. Every project which is undertaken by a company – whether that be a…

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Commercial – Project issue management

Project Issue Management What is project issue management? Project issue management is the systematic process a company or project engages in to identify, manage and resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible. Most issues are inherently unexpected, which is…

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Hierarchy of risk control

Safety – Hierarchy of risk control

Hierarchy of risk control What is the hierarchy of risk control? The hierarchy of risk control (also known as the hierarchy of hazard control) is a system or framework used to minimise, mitigate and eliminate exposure to hazards. The hierarchy…

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Safety – 1 minute safety talks

1 minute safety talks What can you get out of a 1 minute safety talk? Safety talks are one of the easiest ways to foster better safety practices, processes and outcomes on your sites or in your workplace. Safety talks…

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Finance – Earned value management example

Earned value management examples About earned value management examples These earned value management examples are applicable to almost any project-based company, but the examples are going to focus more heavily on industrial-style companies like construction, oil and gas and mining.…

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