Quick and easy construction log book app

Easily create accurate and organised construction log book records with this user friendly construction log book app.

Construction log book app

Enabling better log book record keeping on projects of all sizes

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Streamline your construction log book from start to finish with one app.

Create the perfect digital daily, weekly or monthly log book template

Say goodbye to clunky physical log books, PDFs and excel sheets and use a smart digital format for your log book record keeping.

Setup the same layouts that you love in your other document formats but with better fields like easy dropdown menus, photo capture, tables with automatic calculations, digital signatures and more.

Create your own templates from scratch or use and customise our daily, weekly or monthly log book templates to get going right away.

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Access, complete and update your log book from anywhere

The main feature and benefit of using a construction log book app is that you can fill out and control your log book from anywhere using any computer, mobile or tablet.

Once a record is created or updated, it is synced to the app in real-time so nothing can ever get misplaced or lost.

Designed to be quick and easy to use for everyone, the app ensures no one will ever miss paper.

Take photos and other proof, and keep all of your records in one place

Photos, videos and other proof make log book records much more powerful.

You can take photos and capture videos directly inside of the app to connect them directly to individual logs, and all of those records are stored in one secure location where they can be found at any time.

Records also come stamped with crucial metadata automatically including geolocation, who and when it was captured.

Construction log book records

Export any record from the construction log book app in one click

Going digital is the best way to manage your construction log book, but you often still need to download, print or share a PDF report or CSV file of your records.

All of the log records and information inside of the system can be exported in a single click, with each export coming professionally formatted with your company logo and colours too.

Construction daily log book

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Eliminate time-consuming admin and double-handling the minute you start using the app.

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Construction log book app

Pull real-time insights out of the construction log book app

The app automatically aggregates all of your log book data into a standardised format so you can display it in charts and graphs.

Get new insights about any construction activities and progress through real-time charts and dashboards.

Each time new information is entered, your charts are automatically updated so you always have the latest information.

Streamline your construction log book now. Try the log book app for free.