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Increase close out rates and shorten time to rectification by streamlining quality documentation, records, and internal & external workflows

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Streamline and improve any of your quality processes with ease

Defects management

Rectify defects with less fuss and maximum speed

Punch lists & snag lists

Manage and complete those punch and snag lists more efficiently

Lot management

Deliver more compliant, higher quality assets

Hold points & witness points

Ensure work continues as fast and as accurately as possible

Corrective action reports

Rectify and reduce preventable & repetitive errors

Test requests

Track (and never miss) your test requests more effectively

Checklists & reports

Digitise documents for efficiency in the office and on site

RFIs (Request for information)

Improve your hazard identification process for everyone.

ITPs (Inspection test plans)

Increase the speed of information flow and collaboration


Reduce the time, admin and money required to manage & rectify defects


Improve how you document, communicate and action punch lists on site and in the office


Make sure every punch list item is properly documented using a digital and standardised punch list form which can be accessed and completed on site or in the office


All the imperfections, defects and completed punch list items you complete can be captured with photos or videos so no critical evidence gets lost or forgotten


Display punch list data like how many punch list items are outstanding or the number of punch list items per subcontractor in real-time charts


Make your clients happier by delivering more compliant, higher quality assets


Build an automated lot management register showing all lot data and photos


Know what works are completed and which lots are outstanding with a centralised hub for records and photos


Reference and annotate drawings and PDFs to understand lot progress and issues as they arise


Improve communication and release Hold Points & Witness Points in a timely manner so work continue as quickly as possible


Reduce the admin of manually updating HP's & WP's and the duplication of work through paper and scanning into legacy systems


Setup workflows so stakeholders are automatically notified of pending HPs and WPs, and see the current status of specific documents


Lower the likelihood of missing HP/WP data and get real-time visibility on current HP's and WP's with easily manageable dashboards

Operate to the highest quality management standards

Sitemate has worked with a number of companies on getting and maintaining ISO certification - and the system makes demonstrating your management system and managing quality on any number of concurrent projects much easier for all parties

Dashpivot ISO certification


Easily manage corrective actions and action reports to prevent reoccurrence

Forms and workflows

Build automated workflows detailing the next steps for corrective actions where all parties stay notified of follow-up actions


Attach corrective action photos to your digital forms in the office or on site, so you have a searchable record of every action with accompanying proof


Keep automated registers and databases of all of your corrective actions overtime


Ensure your asset isn't jeopardised by missed tests and missing test request records


Create an ordered and searchable database of digital test requests - and automate a register of open and closed requests


Attach photos and records of site tests (like soil testing) on site with mobile or tablet


Get visibility on current test requests and supporting information with real-time analytics dashboards


Increase the speed of information flow by increasing the speed and reliability of your RFI process - saving time and money


Know exactly where RFI's are at by automating notification workflows amongst teams and parties so there is more accountability and less back-and-forth

Photos and markups

Attach relevant photos and markup other records so everyone has all the info they need to make informed decisions


See the real-time status of all your RFI's - and create custom dashboards with even more detail

Your ideal quality processes, instantly

Almost any quality process can be run in the softwares smart digital format

Any quality document or procedure you currently run with Word, Excel, PDF or other apps can be converted into the system automatically, created in the system with simple drag-and-drop, or chosen from our free library of best practice quality templates


Stop manually entering data and manually updating checklists and reports


Create and edit checklists in seconds with a simple drag-and-drop digital document builder. Organise and deploy standardised checklists across projects and teams which can be accessed & filled out from anywhere


Access checklists and reports on mobile or tablet when on site, so employees can attach supporting photos or videos


Have traceability and data on all of your checklist actions through real-time compliance dashboards and reports

Safety photos


Easily build, customise and sign off on ITPs, with flexible formatting and workflow options


Create or convert existing ITP templates which have everything you need to include in your ITP including tables, attachments, photos and digital signoff fields

Photos and attachments

Keep detailed records of all of the work, inspections and tests you run so that your records are audit ready and always one click away


Create simple and powerful ITP workflow automations with internal and external parties so that ITP's move quickly and never get missed

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Source: Capterra software reviews

Dashpivot software award
Dashpivot software award

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