The smart tool for identifying and reducing hazards

Improve your hazard identification processes to keep people safe using a complete hazard identification tool and safety management system.

Enabling better hazard identification and safety management at companies of every size

Make hazard identification, tracking and rectification easy for people on site - and simple and organised back at the office.

Create or choose smart digital safety forms or reports

Create customised hazard forms and reports with a simple drag-and-drop document builder, or choose and customise our free hazard templates to get started straight away:

  • Hazard identification reports
  • Hazard incident reports
  • Hazard investigation reports

Complete safety forms and reports from anywhere on any device - mobile, tablet or computer.

Access and complete safety reports in the office or on site, with all of your identified hazards being securely stored and accessible in real-time. As soon as you identify a hazard, everyone else can know about it.

The Dashpivot iOS and Android apps were designed to make completing a safety forms or reports as simple and quick as possible.

Capture, attach or upload photos of what's happening, as it happens

Take photos and videos of hazards inside the Dashpivot app on your phone or tablet on site, so that you don't need to upload them later.

Use custom tags to make all of your photos instantly filterable and easily traceable.

Automate the hazard and safety approval process to ensure nothing ever gets missed.

Ensure no hazard ever gets missed by setting up custom workflows for each form or report.

Hazards move from step-to-step (e.g from the hazard identifier to the project manager) when the form is digitally signed off, and the person responsible for the next signature gets an in-app and email notification.

Real-time hazard identitifcation and safety insights and analytics

Dashpivot aggregates and all of your hazard data and information into the platform, so you can organise it into charts and dashboards.

Get new insights on hazard and safety performance to track how your company and teams are performing on individual projects - and across the company.

Need to get a safety or hazard report out of the software or app?

Instantly print, download or send any form or report as a perfectly formatted CSV or PDF document - automatically branded with your logo and colours.

Instantly toggle between three powerful editing formats, saving hours of manual data entry and improving your workflows.

Real-time project management register
Project management workflow
Project management register

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Best Ease of Use for EHS Management 2020

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Consolidate more of your safety processes and procedures including safety reports, checklists and permits into a single system - making your data even more powerful.

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