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About Great Southwestern Construction (GSWC)

Established in 1977, GSWC is a trusted leader in transmission, distribution, substation, and clean energy projects across the US.

Specializing in construction, telecommunication systems, maintenance, and emergency restoration, they offer comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions. With a proven track record, they prioritize safety and community well-being in every project, big or small.

See what the GSWC team say about using Dashpivot software:

Key improvements for GSWC by using Dashpivot

Streamlined documentation process

Before integrating Dashpivot into their operations, GSWC faced significant challenges with paperwork, which often led to delays and inefficiencies.

Randy Hayes, the safety specialist, described how crews would often be delayed by an hour or more due to the time-consuming process of handling paperwork:

“Before, when it was all on paperwork, crews weren’t rolling out till an hour, hour and a half later.”

This delay not only impacted productivity but also resulted in additional costs in mailing documents as well as an additional hire to deal with manually scanning, filing, and storing paperwork.

Dashpivot transformed this cumbersome process by providing an electronic platform for documentation, significantly reducing the time it takes to initiate work on-site.

“Now with it being an electronic format, they can be out in the field and start working within 30 minutes.”

Furthermore, the automation of documentation processes eliminated the need for manual handling and storage, resulting in substantial cost and time savings for the company and allowing crews to do other tasks.

Enhanced progress tracking

Effective progress tracking is crucial for project management and client satisfaction. Dashpivot enables GSWC to easily monitor and track progress on various jobs, meeting both internal and client requirements.

With Dashpivot, Randy can promptly identify critical tasks in real time, enabling him to allocate support where needed and make informed decisions. He stated:

“The following day that allows me to determine where the more critical work is taking place. I know where I need to be and where I'll be most supportive of my crews.”

Moreover, Dashpivot provides hindsight analysis, enabling the team to reflect on past performance and make necessary adjustments to continuously improve future project outcomes.

User-friendly customization

Dashpivot’s user-friendly interface and customization options allow users to tailor documents to their specific needs without requiring extensive technical knowledge. This played a pivotal role in widespread adoption across multiple regions. As Michael Riggins, the Construction Manager, emphasized:

“I like that it’s really easy to use. You don’t have to be a coder. You just go in there and imagine what you need or look at the existing document that you would like to create or recreate.”


The adoption of Dashpivot has not only streamlined documentation processes and enhanced progress tracking but has also transformed GSWC into a more efficient and competitive organization.

With user-friendly interface, customizable features, and tangible benefits, GSWC stands poised for continued success in the construction industry.

“I’d recommend this to the whole electrical industry. It’s moved our company into the 21st century.”


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