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Sitemate’s journey began when Hartley Pike found himself spending nearly half of his working week as a field engineer doing mindless manual paperwork.

Even though his projects were using cloud based document control products, he believed that the built world had solved it’s file sharing problem, but that it now had a much bigger data problem.

Together with Sam McDonnell, they launched from the basement of the faculty of engineering building at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Hartley Pike

CEO, Co-founder


Bachelor of Engineering

Civil Structures (Hons)

Sam McDonnell

Head of Product Strategy, Co-founder

Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons)


We believe that basic human values such as honesty, trust and integrity are required to simply ‘get in the door’.

Sitemate’s values are designed to help us determine if an already great person, will be a great fit at Sitemate.

Sitemate Values Quality Certified
Sitemate Values High Vis
Sitemate Values Everything Engineered
Sitemate Values Fast Tracked


Sitemate’s team is a diverse group of talented people from all corners of the world - representing 22 countries, whilst also being 50% female.


Sitemate has different role types; from office based, to hybrid, as well as fully remote roles.

Sitemate Sydney
Sitemate London Office
Sitemate Vancouver Office
Sitemate Melbourne Office
Sitemate Toronto
Sitemate employees


Each year we bring our global team together for one week to celebrate our achievements, reflect on the prior year, and of course - have some fun!

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