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Sitemate's flexible project management software Dashpivot enables you to create efficient processes that work perfectly for you, your projects and your teams - making your company smarter and more productive in the office and on site, every day.

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Project management today is time-consuming, ineffective and costly.

Thousands of interactions between clients, contractors and individuals take place over poorly designed software, apps and hundreds of different documents every day.

At team and site level - People can’t do their jobs properly or work together effectively and it’s a huge productivity killer.

At project level - It’s impossible to meet standard operating procedures, there’s no visibility or control, and we’re late and over budget.

Dashpivot is the new way to capture, organise and analyse work in the office and on site - with user friendly software structured around the daily work of people, projects and teams - not bulky document repositories.

Streamline document creation & management
Digital forms and workflows created & managed in the cloud.

Streamline tracking & recording
Photos, videos and properly organised records for easy traceability.

Streamline daily work and collaboration
A live feed of your projects & teams so you always know what's happening.

Streamline reporting & analytics
Real-time data, automated dashboards and new insights.

Sitemate project management software
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One software platform for all of your site forms.

Stop wasting resources wrestling with the manual data entry, uploading, downloading and emailing of diaries, permits and other documents.

Use digital forms, which can be easily created and edited at any time, instantly converted to register, PDF or excel format - and then printed and shared the way you want.

Build your own forms from scratch or pick from our extensive libraries.

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Complete forms, take and attach site photos, and manage work in the office & in the field.

Enable site engineers, foremen and project managers to do their jobs more effectively by giving them a simple and powerful interface for completing their tasks and recording everything in real-time.

Capture and track all the work happening on site with tablet or phone - when the device is online or offline.


Get real-time analytics and deep insights on every level of performance.

Create and automate the dashboards and charts you want to see with the confidence that there is no missing or delayed data.

See a holistic overview of all your real-time data or dive into the details to reduce risk & make better more informed decisions about your projects, teams and company.

Project management analytics

Other software, tools and folders are where you 'put' work or complete a single task. Dashpivot is the place where your daily work is captured, organised and automated.


Improve the flow & completion of work from your management system to site and back again. Enable documents and data to move freely and instantly between the office and site.

Dashpivot enables you to build and complete forms, photos, workflows & dashboards inside of a single project management software solution, making every piece of work tightly integrated and standardised, accessible and editable in real-time, and organised and searchable in the same way your company is structured - by projects and teams.

Start streamlining your projects, teams and forms today.