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Sitemate builds easy-to-use and powerful software you can use to instantly improve your processes

The Dashpivot Systems Cloud is a software platform which enables any company to easily digitise & streamline their standard operating procedures, processes & documents.

Used for site diaries, site reports, checklists, method statements, inspections, permits, ITPs & more

Smart forms & field records

Required fields, conditional logic, automatic formulas, photo stamping, location tagging & more

Automated workflows

Setup streamlined approvals or multi-stage processes so nothing important gets missed, delayed or done incorrectly

Automatic registers

Eliminate messy spreadsheets and manual data entry with automated and centralised registers

Real-time analytics

Display information in real-time dashboards to track quality, safety, commercial, production and other metrics or KPIs

The Sitemate app enables any internal worker or external party to create a free digital ID card which they can use to signoff and submit forms electronically

Workers can interact with forms by having their ID scanned, receiving weblinks or by scanning QR code posters

Used for site sign-ons, inductions, timesheets, prestarts, toolbox talks and more

Workforce and external parties

The Sitemate app is free for all external parties, and free or very low cost for internal workers depending on the use case

A single app for any site

The Sitemate app gives workers a seamless electronic tool which they can use on any of your work sites at any time

Contactless signatures

Instantly stamp a persons name, signature, company and location on any Dashpivot document with zero contact

Quick and easy

The Sitemate app is easy to download, and takes less than a minute to setup with no email or detailed logins required

Flowsite is a no code integrations platform which enables built world companies to connect their software tools through instant plug-and-play integrations.

These integrations can then be easily used and customised to push and pull data from Sitemate’s best-in-class data collection tools into their other critical business tools to eliminate data entry and improve data speed and accuracy.

Used for finance, accounting, job management, CRM or data analytics integrations.

No code integrations

Connect and integrate multiple software systems instantly with no coding or custom development

Designed for the built world

Deeper and more flexible integrations and automations built specifically for industrial oriented softwares & workflows

Affordable and easy to use

Flowsite makes systems integrations and process automations accessible to built world companies of every size

Save time and improve your data

Save huge amounts of time and money on manual data entry while also improving the speed and reliability of your data.

Award winning technology as voted by people like you - trusted by thousands of field workers, office staff and management

We have been able to digitise our HSEQ and commercial processes and engage with our clients and partners on the platform. It has improved the efficiency of our project delivery and allows our engineers to get back to doing what they should be doing.

Brian Mahon, Chief Operating Officer at Ward

Source: Capterra / G2 Crowd

Use the software for specific systems or functions - or digitise all of your standard operating procedures to create one integrated management system

Integrated management system

Consolidate your processes into a single solution to standardise data capture, eliminate double-handling, and enable real-time tracking

Safety management

Improve how you document, manage and track safety processes including incident reports, toolbox talks and more to remain compliant while keeping everyone safe

Quality management

Increase close out rates and shorten time to rectification by streamlining quality documentation, records, and internal & external workflows

Environmental management

Document, measure and monitor environmental processes on your sites and projects effectively to maintain pristine environmental conditions and positive stakeholder relations

Commercial and contractual

Improve your commercial processes and record keeping to better document, organise and track field data including site diaries, variations and delays - reducing costly misses and commercial losses

Asset management

Manage your plant, equipment and assets safely and efficiently, from critical inductions, inspections and registers to frequent pre starts, equipment sign outs, maintenance and servicing


Track work, materials, waste, and project progress in real-time - giving you and your company unprecedented production controls and insights


Streamline cost and resource tracking and automate financial data aggregation across timesheets, dayworks sheets and more to get instant cost and time records and insights

Digitise and streamline any of your paperwork or processes with ease

Designed & built specifically for industrial companies

Road & Bridge

Commercial Building




Maritime & Marine

Power & Utilities

Commercial Fit Out

Energy & Renewables

Residential Construction

Transport & Logistics


Oil & Gas



Facilities Management




Industrial Automation

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