Cost variance formula

Finance – Cost variance formula

Cost variance formula: The CV formula and how to use it Cost variance in project management Cost variance in project management enables project managers and their companies to compare the completed work cost (the costs which have been incurred to…

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Earned value management for dummies

Finance – Earned value management for dummies

Earned value management for dummies The definition of earned value management for dummies In simple terms, earned value management (EVM) is a project management technique which enables someone to measure the amount of earned value which has been produced on…

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SV project management

Finance – SV project management

SV Project management: Schedule variance definition, formula and more SV project management definition Schedule variance (SV) is an objective and quantifiable measure which enables project managers, teams and companies to understand whether a project is on, behind or ahead of…

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EVM metrics

Finance – EVM metrics

EVM metrics: Here’s what you need to know about those critical EVM metrics What are the most important EVM metrics? EVM metrics (metrics for earned value management) are the metrics which project managers and companies use to determine the earned…

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Earned value analysis template

Finance – Earned value analysis template

Earned value analysis template Why analyse earned value in the first place? A good earned value analysis is critical during the course of most projects which stem for any substantial period of time, and projects which involve multiple internal and…

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Earned value formula sheet

Finance – Earned value formula sheet

Earned value formula sheet What do you need on the your earned value formula sheet? Earned value management is an important component of managing any project, especially for projects in industries like construction and oil and gas, where projects stem…

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Earned value calculation

Finance – Earned value calculation

Earned value calculation: How to calculate EV properly What is the earned value calculation for? The earned value calculation is used to calculated earned value (commonly referred to as EV). Earned value is a measure which is used on projects…

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EAC in project management

Finance – EAC in project management

EAC in project management: What to know about estimate at completion (EAC) What is EAC in project management? EAC or the ‘estimate at completion’ is the forecasted cost of a project, after the project has begun. EAC may be calculated…

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Budget at completion

Finance – Budget at completion

Budget at completion (BAC): Everything you need to know What is budget at completion? Budget at completion or BAC is the total anticipated and budgeted spend for a project or specific phase of works, or in simple terms, the estimated…

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Earned value formula

Finance – Earned value formula

Earned value formula: Here’s the formula for earned value + some other EV tips Why do we need the formula for earned value? Earned value is an objective measure of project progress which is used to gauge performance during the…

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