Contractor performance management app

Improve contractor performance with a digital audit and review process.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

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Create standardised contractor performance reviews

Conduct periodic contractor performance reviews with clear, objective qualitative and quantitative feedback to promote high standards and continuous improvement on your projects.

Create your review template from scratch with the drag and drop form builder or use the free contractor performance management template and customise as needed.

Conduct performance reviews on site via the mobile app

Make it quick and easy for your team to conduct contractor performance audits on site by making the template accessible via the Dashpivot app on mobile and tablet.

Fill out the template to submit forms or access completed reviews.

Attach photos, videos and PDFs to your contractor perfomance reports

Ensure your contractor performance management is well documented with supporting photos, videos or PDFs.

Take photos within the app with timestamps, geotagging and smart tags.

Photos and PDFs can be marked up to highlight important information.

Create automated workflows for contractor performance management

Build workflows around performance management to action reviews for improvement plans.

Build steps into your workflows to trigger automatic notifications that a review needs to take place or needs signoff approval to be marked as completed.

Keep track of contractor licences in list view

Review contractor licences and expiry dates in the list view to ensure contractors are working compliantly.

Get automatic notifications when expiry dates are coming up or when they're overdue.

Track contractor performance in the Analytics Dashboard

Track and monitor contractor performance over time against a range of performance metrics with Dashpivot’s detailed analytics to ensure poor performance issues are corrected quickly and to celebrate exceptional performance.

Quickly and easily share completed contractor performance reviews

Share contractor performance management reviews from the Dashpivot app on desktop, mobile or tablet in a single click.

Share as a perfectly formatted PDF or CSV in your brand colours with your logo so everything looks professional.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your contractor performance management

Switch between Register and Timeline views to easily manage performance reviews

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than just a contractor performance management app

Are you using multiple tools, files or spreadsheets to manage your contractors?

Dashpivot can be used for many contractor processes such as work orders, scope of works, change orders, site diaries and more.

Use Dashpivot just for contractor performance management or streamline your entire contractor process.

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