Save money & deliver projects on budget

Streamline cost and resource tracking and automate financial data aggregation to get real-time financial records and insights

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~10,000 employees

~500 employees

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Make all of your financial records, forecasts & outcomes more accurate


Streamline the completion & recording of those all important timesheets


Record work completed between parties more accurately and more reliably

Purchase requests

Approve purchases faster & more seamlessly

Project costing

Summarise and analyse project costs more effectively to stay on time and budget

Planned vs. actual costings

Track real-time costs planned vs. actuals and save those project headaches


Make timesheets easy to fill out from anywhere, easy to reconcile, and easy to manage


Better track and record the work between parties so you have full traceability and accountability


Digital dockets can't ever get lost, are stored securely forever, and can be digitally signed off by any party in the field - while you can also add photo proof to your forms


Setup automated workflows between internal or external parties so dockets and docket approvals always follow the right procedure


Get aggregated data and insights on your dockets and other information


Make your clients happier by delivering more compliant, higher quality assets


Easy-to-setup visual workflows enable purchase requests to flow seamlessly from person-to-person - with the required authoriser receiving notifcations for digital signoff


Attach and record photos of goods as they arrive on site and sign off on the purchase with the required parties instantly


See closed and outstanding purchase requests in visual charts and graphs - and find new insights by automating order data by cost codes and other parameters

Your ideal financial processes, instantly

Almost any financial process can be run in the softwares smart digital format

Any timesheet or finance document or procedure you currently run with Word, Excel, PDF or other apps can be converted into the system automatically, created in the system with simple drag-and-drop, or chosen from our free library of best practice finance templates


Get proper summaries and more standardised daily cost data from plant, labour, equipment, materials and more


Simply toggle to register view to see a database of all of your cost data, which is automated through the collection of data via digital forms connected to every layer of the software


Get automated registers which can be filtered for specific projects, items, cost codes and more


Automate the creation of daily cost charts - and then filter and pivot them by expense type to see exactly what's happening and where money is being spent and lost


Projects don't always (ever) go to plan. Find out exactly where and why your projects are running late or over budget, so that you can make changes and bring them back on track quickly

Forms and workflows

Digital forms are completed on site or in the office - via mobile, tablet or computer - to ensure data is accurate and standardised to make automating analytics possible


Build bar charts and s-curve charts at the click of a button, because all the data is being automatically extracted from digital forms completed in the office or on site

Digitise more of your critical processes and procedures

Dashpivot is a truly integrated management which can handle many of your financial management tasks and processes, as well as safety, quality, commercial and other functions and paperwork.

Consolidate all your information and bring your workforce together into one management system.

Start easily streamlining your field and project finances today