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Powerful and affordable integrations and automations between critical built world software tools.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

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The Flowsite Integrations Cloud

Streamline your workflows like you never thought possible

Flowsite is an integrations platform which enables built world companies to connect their software tools through instant no-code integrations.

Instead of having to manually move data between your systems, you can set triggers and actions in Flowsite which instantly automate these processes, eliminating huge amounts of manual data entry and improving information speed and accuracy.

The Flowsite Integrations Cloud is the first software platform designed to make built world specific integrations accessible, affordable and flexible for companies of every size.

Plug and play, easy to use, and instant benefits

It's like having an additional staff member!

Flowsite removes hours of data entry, eliminates data entry error, was easy to set up, straight forward to use and makes a previously laborious task quick and easy.

Source: Capterra

Choose how your data moves between tools with quick and easy configuration and customisation

Flowsite integrations are flexible, so you can easily choose and change what triggers your information in one software, and what action that creates in the resulting software.

To use Flowsite, you must be using the Dashpivot Systems Cloud for at least one system or app. Thousands of built world companies already use Dashpivot to collect and complete the actual forms or field records.

You can create actions from triggers inside of Dashpivot, like an approval signature on a timesheet, or create actions inside of Dashpivot from triggers in your other software tools, like the creation of a new project in your job management system.

The smartest Xero integrations for built world companies

Automate the repetitive transfer of information between your forms and Xero to save time and ensure there are never errors in your accounting system.

Simple timesheet automations

Flowsite Xero Integrations are available and being used every day for weekly personal timesheets and daily personal timesheets.

The flow is triggered when a worker completes their timesheet via the app or on computer, and that timesheet is signed off by the dedicated person/manager - and then that timesheet information passes automatically into Xero.

So you still have checks and balances and peace of mind on the information going into Xero, without any of the admin headaches.

More complex timesheet automations, made simple

Flowsite can also handle more complex timesheet use cases for entire teams/crews, whereby a supervisor or manager can fill out multiple people's times or timesheets on a single form like a site diary, and once approved, each persons times are automatically updated in Xero into their individual timesheets.

The idea behind Flowsite is that the automations work the way you want them to based on your ideal processes.

Join others already experiencing streamlined financial flows

Reduces overall workload and increases productivity - less room for errors and saves me hours on payroll each week

Source: Capterra

Start saving massive amounts of time and money right now

Transferring information between different systems and formats is a big time and cost suck, and it's work that no one wants to be doing.

Free up your team to work on things that matter by eliminating manual data entry and admin through seamless and reliable integrations.

Deep and flexible game changing integrations

The Flowsite Integrations Cloud is constantly improving with deeper and more flexible integrations, as well as exciting new integrations between new software tools.

Wondering wants coming next or if you can connect your software tools through Flowsite?

Want us to build you a no-code configurable integration on the platform for one of your critical Finance, Job Management, CRM or Analytics software tools?

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