Scope of work (SOW) app

Create and share detailed scopes of work to ensure the job is well understood by all.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

~10,000 employees

~500 employees

~10 employees

~25,000 employees

~200 employees

~1,500 employees

~20 employees

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The quick, easy and powerful SOW app

  • Digital SOWs

  • E-signatures

  • Offline mode

  • Location tagging

  • One-click send

  • Required fields

  • Kanban workflows

  • Tables & dropdowns

  • Photo and video

  • Conditional logic

  • Contactless sign

  • PDF & photo markup

  • Photo stamping

  • Automated formulas

  • Draft and autosave

  • iOS and Android

Convert, create or use the scope of work template

Create and share detailed scopes of work to ensure the job is well understood by all and there are no grey areas where disputes, errors and quality issues may arise.

Convert your existing scope of work framework from Word, Excel or PDF to a smart digital document, or use and customise our free SOW template with simple drag-and-drop.

Complete, update and share your SOW on computer, mobile or tablet

Develop flexible scopes of work from the field or office with Dashpivot no matter how big or small the job is.

Share your template to your team and they can fill it out, attach PDFs, take photos and videos, add markup and sign-off from the mobile or tablet app in the field.

Attach any documentation to the scope of work

Easily incorporate into site instructions, work orders, change orders, variations or other project documents so that the work is well understood and can be precisely costed.

Attach PDFs to the scope of work or add the scope of work as a PDF to your other documentation.

Use tables to ensure a detailed scope of work

Include detailed tables of bulk material quantities, lists of tagged equipment (free issued or contractor supplied) and accurately define the division of responsibility and battery limits or scope boundaries.

Create lists to populate tables, or use formulas to calculate costings or hours needed.

Share scopes of work quickly and easily

Make sure the scope of work is easily accessible for whoever needs it so there's no miscommunication on the work that needs to be done.

Share scopes of work via the app in a single click, as PDF or CSV, in a professional report with your logo and brand colours.

Get real time analytics on all scope of work documents

Keep on top of scopes of work and how efficient your processes are with the Analytics dashboard.

Use filters and breakdowns to deep dive into your data to get actionable insights.

More than 'just' a scope of work app - if you want it to be

Don't want too many different apps, tools and systems to login into, use and maintain?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which works for commercial use cases like site diaries, change orders and variations, and for other site activities and processes including daily reporting, safety inspections, quality inspections and more.

Use Dashpivot to take care of just your scope of work or consolidate your processes into a single easy to use app.

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