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Easily reduce the time and admin required to capture, approve and rectify defects with simple, user-friendly defect managment software.

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Improve internal & external defect workflows and rectification using the best defect management software and app

Convert, create or choose your defect management form

Convery your existing defect forms from Word, Excel or PDF, create your own defect management report with the simple drag-and-drop form builder, or use and edit our free defect report template right away.

Make your defect report easy to complete and manage with fields including tables, digital signatures, sketches and checkboxes.

Easily complete your defect reports on computer, laptop or mobile

Access and complete your defect report from anywhere - at any time. As you fill in your form, your defect reports are instantly pushed to the software in real-time and stored securely in the cloud.

The iOS and Android apps were designed to make completing a defect report as simple and quick as possible with digital signatures, fast dropdowns, tables and other features.

Take and attach defect photos and videos in real-time

Take photos inside the Dashpivot app on your phone or tablet on site. Organise your quality photos with smart tags, and have them automatically attached to your defect reports for easy traceability and more reliable record keeping.

Markup drawings and PDFs to better document and track defects

Use features like PDF and drawing markup to improve communication between the office and the field and eliminate mistakes and delays.

Automate the defect approval process with internal and external parties

Automate the defect approval process so that work moves along quickly. Get the defect off your plate and onto the next person with a quick digital signature.

Custom notifications ensure nothing gets missed, with the person responsible for signing off next getting a notification when it's ready for their review.

Need to notify external stakeholders or clients? Give them free restricted access so they can signoff but don't see what they are not supposed to.

Get automated analytics and new insights on quality performance

The Dashpivot app and software instantly aggregate and organise all of your defect form data, so you can create custom dashboards and automated charts which show you exactly what you want to see.

Want to see how many defects you've had on a particular project? Setup a chart and the rest happens automatically.

Download or send defect reports in a single click

Instantly print, download or send any document in the software as a perfectly formatted and branded CSV or PDF documents.

All the benefits of paper-based forms, word and excel - with none of the hassle.

No more filling in or formatting spreadsheets. Instantly convert your defects into an excel like register.

A complete quality management solution

Best Ease of Use for Project Management

Best Ease of Use for Quality Management


Source: Capterra software reviews

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