Environmental incident report app

Streamline how environmental incident reports are accessed, documented, organised and tracked to reduce your environmental impact.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

~10,000 employees

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Build environmental incident reports for your team to complete

Capture detailed environmental incident information with location fields, photo markup and use conditional logic to capture on relevant details.

Convert your existing process with the drag and drop form builder, or use the free environmental incident report template.

Make it easy to record and collect reports

Information pertaining to environmental incidents is slow to be collected, analysed and communicated. Trends can be missed.

Share your template to your team who can record their environmental incident report on their phone or tablet and send it to the office as soon as it's completed.

Document your reports with photos and videos

Dashpivot’s environmental incident reports provide highly targeted and detailed incident information directly from the field to the office for immediate evaluation.

Take photos or videos directly from the field in the app, attach them to your reports and add any markup you need. Timestamps and geotagging can be automatically tracked.

Build workflows for each report with notifications

Automate environmental incident report communication and escalation with workflow notifications and a clear and persistent audit trail.

Once a reported is submitted, a notification is automatically sent to the reviewer to review and sign-off before it can be completed.

See a timeline view of all environmental incident reports submitted

It's easy to lose track of what has or hasn't been submitted and information can be lost.

Get an overview of all reports ordered by when they were submitted, and organise them by area or location.

Share environmental incident reports from the app in a single click

Instantly print, download or send any of your environmental impact reports as perfectly formatted CSV or PDF documents directly from site or in the office.

Every export has your logo and company colours, so everything stays standardised and professional.

Track progress automatically and get new insights about incidents

Analyse environmental incidents with detailed analytics, initiate investigations and implement corrective actions without leaving Dashpivot.

Create dashboards and use filters or breakdowns to find actionable insights.

More than 'just' an environmental incident report app - if you want it to be

Don't want too many different apps, tools and systems to login into, use and maintain?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which works for environmental use cases like audits, impact assessments or waste tracking, and for other site activities and processes including daily reporting, safety inspections, quality inspections and more.

Use Dashpivot to take care of just your environmental incident reports or consolidate your processes into a single easy to use app.

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