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Deliver on time and on budget by using construction management software to digitise and streamline how work gets done every day.

Construction project management software

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The old way of construction project management is time-consuming, messy, and costly.

Managing your construction projects using hundreds of different documents, folder structures, servers and fragmented softwares means that it's impossible to understand what's going on and how you are tracking.

Not to mention the time, money and effort required every day to simply find reconcile all of this project information to put it in yet another document, spreadsheet or document repository.

Construction project management software

The new way of delivering your construction projects is easier and smarter.

Construction software

Dashpivot has been excellent. We have been able to digitise our HSEQ and commercial processes and engage with our clients and partners on the platform. It has improved the efficiency of our project delivery and allows our engineers to get back to doing what they should be doing: engineering.

Brian Mahon
Chief Operating Officer | Source: Capterra

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Smarter construction project management software eliminates the jumping back and forth between systems and takes care of all of your project information for you.

Dashpivot digital IMS

Manage all of those construction project forms and documentation with ease.

Create custom digital forms, or choose from the library.

Create custom forms which perfectly match your old word, excel and PDF docs - but come in a new smarter digital format.

Build forms with text, tables, checkboxes, digital signature, sketches and photo and video uploads to cover every use case.

Don't want to spend valuable time converting old documents? We have a free library of hundreds of forms to help you get started or can get someone from our team on it.

Document management software
Version control in project management

Deploy standardised forms to your projects and teams.

Keep everyone working on the same, latest versions by deploying the right templates and forms to the right projects and teams.

Everyone has constant and instant access to the forms they need to get their job done.

Enable teams and workers to get their work done properly from anywhere.

  • Offline data collection

  • Photo and video

  • Location tagging

  • Complex fields

  • E-Signatures

  • PDF Markup

  • Draft and autosave

  • Kanban workflows

Guarantee your information is organised and searchable.

Store your commercial, safety, environmental, financial production and quality forms in one secure place where people can always find, access and complete them - on computer, mobile or tablet.

Whenever a new form is created, it is automatically sent into Dashpivot where it is organised into an easily searchable format via date, person and custom filters.

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And when you need that physical copy of a record?

Simply download, print or share any of your records in the click of a button. Forms and records can be formatted in PDF or CSV - and come looking professional with your company logo and colours.

Site form PDF generator

Try the latest in construction project management software for yourself.

Say goodbye to those hours spent entering data manually and formatting docs. All of your form records can be instantly converted into a register or timeline, or setup as an automated workflow.

Real-time project management register
Project management workflow
Project management register

I would highly recommend this application to anyone in the construction industry. It has streamlined our business and made communication in our team a lot more fluid and transparent.

Daniel G. | M&E Supervisor

Seymour Whyte

Track everything that's happening in real-time, from one construction project management software control centre.

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See the full picture and build bulletproof records of work.

Engineers, foremen and project managers can easily open up the Dashpivot to capture photos and videos directly on site. Every photo or video taken is sent to the team and project photo library so nothing gets missed and no piece of evidence gets lost.

Add comments and tags to photos, and see exactly where they were taken with automatic geolocation mapping.

Get accurate tracking and real-time project analytics.

Easily setup dashboards which collect and display the data being collected from forms in the field.

Create safety, quality, commercial and production dashboards which give you new insights into what's happening within each function and team.

Project management analytics
PDF markup

Track and update directly from site.

Easily annotate and markup PDFs directly on site with the tablet or mobile to illustrate progress and outstanding issues.

Dashpivot is equally powerful and user friendly on all devices.

Get the full picture of your planned vs. actuals and performance, so that you can make informed decisions and course correct before delays and budgets balloon out of your control.

Dashpivot project dashboard

Construction project management is all about being able to manage your projects effectively, and good construction project management software is all about giving you the information and controls to actively manage your projects.

Dashpivot's real-time analytics engine enables you to get a new level of insight and recency on your performance.

Setup ratio charts to see what's happening on inspections, track real-time production data being pulled from your site diary or daily progress report, and see the frequency of change events and variations and where they are originating from.

All of this data is easily manageable and filterable so you truly have control over what you're seeing.

Stay organised and audit ready, and manage every piece of your work professionally.

Project and team management software

Architected just like your construction projects and teams.

This construction project management software was engineered just like your company - organised into projects and teams - which makes doing and managing work amongst those projects and teams easy.

Let software do what software does well, while you focus on the human stuff.

Dashpivot will take care of all of your internal management issues and worries by automating the document and version control.

Focus on moving projects forward in the knowledge that your systems are in perfect shape.

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Best project management appConstruction project management app

Get your work done on any construction site - online or offline - with an easy to use construction project management app for iOS & Android.

Construction management software which makes your life and jobs easier.

Dashpivot works very well. It simply does what it promises.

George Y.
Site Engineer | Source: Capterra

Seymour Whyte
Construction worker

See why great companies in Australia, the U.S, U.K and over 70 other countries use this construction project management software.