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Toolbox talks, pre-starts, inductions, RAMS, logging attendance, variations, site diaries and more


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About T & W Civil

T & W Civil Engineering are a civil engineering and groundworks company based in Northamptonshire, England, operating throughout the Midlands.

The company has approximately 450 operatives working on 25 site locations.

Watch how T&W Civil Finance Director, Health & Safety Manager and Contracts Manager review Dashpivot and the Sitemate App

Key improvements for T & W Civil

Real-time information capture and storage

Before using Dashpivot, T & W Civil had very paper-based systems, and faced the traditional challenges of paper-based processes, including communication and decision delays as well as lost information and records.

By going paperless, T & W Civil have been able to completely eliminate these issues by getting real-time records across all of their processes, as well as an online database they can rely on at all times.

"The guys on site can go out use the phones take all the snaps they need
get any evidence they need because once it's on there it's on there forever."

"It also allows us to look at variations and additional works in real-time.
The quality of the information we get is better and it's quicker."

This real-time information is critical for stakeholders like the Finance Director, as well as site supervisors and contracts managers.

On top of all of the benefits that the organisation gets from real-time records, using a mobile app to capture information on site is also much easier for the site teams too.

Like many companies, T & W Civil were concerned about their staff adopting the app, but those concerns were short-lived.

"The reason we kind of really clicked with Dashpivot is how user friendly is for the site, particularly because they aren't always the most IT friendly kind of guys, they found it very very quick and easy to use. "

Bringing all field paperwork and process together in one system

One of the challenges for many companies like T & W Civil who are trying to modernise their systems is that it can be difficult to find tools which work well for specific processes, but also cover enough processes to warrant a system.

While there are a number of systems which work well for a few safety processes, or just timesheets, or just site diaries - Dashpivot consolidates all site paperwork into a single system.

This makes it easier to manage, but also brings everyone and everyone's information together in one place.

"Dashpivot allows the whole business to kind of pull together in all departments as well, so the quality, the variations for the quantity surveyors, finance, and health and safety - all together."

The great thing about the flexibility of Dashpivot is that companies don't have to digitise their entire information management system at once - they can start with a few key processes that are causing particular headaches and then roll in more processes over time as everyone becomes more and more comfortable using the system - and as the benefits become more clear to everyone.

"We started off very basic with just health and safety features signing in, signing out and then with everyone's input we've created new templates and adapted them on a daily, weekly basis. Just feels like as the business grows or legislation changes it's something that we can use in order to grow."

Better software support

Regardless of how good and easy to use software is, all companies need support and enablement to get the most out of new software systems.

"Sometimes we've had challenges with previous software that once we kind of go ahead and press the green button a little bit the communication or support drops off but we've not found that at all with Dashpivot, we've found the team really engaging from day one and that's not changed."

Sitemate prides itself on providing strong help and support for its customers throughout their entire software journey; from onboarding and process setup all the way through to new feature adoption and individual user support.

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