Sitemate raises $5.2M led by Blackbird to bring no code tooling to the Built World

Sitemate raises $5.2M led by Blackbird to bring no code tooling to the Built World

We're excited to announce that Sitemate recently raised $5.2M in funding to further fuel the company's growth. We are excited about this because it means:

  • More product development, more features and a better product experience for our existing and future customers & users
  • More and better customer support
  • More boots on the ground in more regions of the world (including a new office in North America) which means a deeper global impact inline with our vision for the Built World
  • More great Sitemate employees
  • More runway for achieving our mission of digitising and streamlining how Built World companies do work and deliver projects

Thanks to all who have been a part of the Sitemate journey so far - we are just getting started.

Full press release below.

Sitemate, the startup building no code software tools for companies in the Built World to digitise their paperwork and processes, today announces it has raised $5.2M led by Blackbird, with participation from existing investors Shearwater Capital and angels including local tech founders Tim Doyle (Eucalyptus) and Rory San Miguel (Propeller).

The Built World goes digital

Built World companies, defined as companies operating in any of the heavy industries including construction, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, energy, power, utilities, transport, agriculture and facilities management, often still rely on paper forms, physical folders and clunky legacy softwares to document, track and manage work, says Sitemate co-founder and CEO Hartley Pike.

“There’s an unfair assumption that the Built World industries have an ‘old school’ workforce or have been uniquely resistant to change, when in fact the softwares designed for them simply haven’t been good enough or easy enough to use. Unlike many white collar industries who have had access to no code tooling and paperless processes for years, the vast majority of the companies we work with were still doing their work manually. These companies have now been able to easily digitise and streamline their end-to-end processes via our flagship product, the Dashpivot Systems Cloud.”

The Dashpivot Systems Cloud

Sitemate’s Dashpivot Systems Cloud is part flexible digital database in the office and part easy to use app in the field, enabling companies to easily choose, create and customise any number of digital processes and complex workflows which can be touched by a number of different project parties and stakeholders - resulting in time and cost savings, improved compliance, and better outcomes for all parties.

Blackbird Principal Tom Humphrey believes the path forward for Sitemate is closer to Atlassian than Aconex.

“It is a product-led company bringing real-time collaboration and a seamless product experience to the hundreds of millions of workers who wear hardhats and steel capped work boots - just like Atlassian did for software developers and software companies,” he says.

Shearwater Capital Managing Partner, Zac Zavos, first invested in Sitemate in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has increased their investment in this round, “The Sitemate team deeply understand the problem they are solving and have shown a consistent ability to grow their customer base through down and up cycles,” he says.

The no code tooling revolution is here

The key to the no code tooling revolution in other industries was easy access to no code tools like Canva, Jira, Trello and Slack, which enabled companies to design and implement streamlined digital processes with relative ease and very little cost.

Sitemate promises to usher in a similar revolution in the Built World, where traditional engineers will work more like software engineers, delivering large and complex projects through a series of real-time and integrated tools - while continuing to spend valuable and necessary time on site out in the field.

Sitemate now has a global customer base with go to market operations established in Sydney and London, with North American operations to be online before the end of 2022.

See how the system works for yourself

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