ISO 45001 templates

ISO 45001 templates

ISO 45001 templates

Use these digital ISO 45001 templates for free

At Sitemate, one of the things we are doing is trying to move the industries and occupational health and safety away from traditional template formats - and from having to pay for standalone templates.

Going online to pay $100 for one ISO 45001 template or thousands of dollars for a package of ISO 45001 templates isn't the right approach to ISO certification or to running your business.

To move away from this, we provide companies with free online templates. You can store and use up to 3 templates on the free account, meaning you can really test the system before converting all of your management system into a digital format.

Once you are comfortable with the digital tool, you can subscribe to the software on a monthly basis, rolling in your other use cases and building out your integrated management system. You also get access to the hundreds of templates inside our template library which span across all areas of health and safety as well as plant and equipment, quality management, environmental management, commercial and more.

Below are a few of the most popular templates and use cases companies get started with.

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Your options for obtaining and maintaining ISO 45001 templates

ISO is a hot topic right now, with thousands of companies actively migrating from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.

On top of that, the ISO standards are desirable for all companies, as they serve as an important marker for operational excellence and also enable companies to win bigger and more professional projects with stricter requirements around quality, safety and other business functions.

Most new companies establish a very basic information management system which is cobbled together from previous company templates, online templates and a bit of DIY. But as a company evolves and develops, there are a couple of forces which push them towards establishing a more integrated management system which can gain and maintain ISO certification.

Some of these forces are internal, wanting to win more work and become more compliant, while other forces are external, with regulation changes and updates as we have recently seen with the ISO 18001 transition deadline.

To transition pre-ISO templates to ISO 45001 templates, a company has a few options.

  • You can hire a consultant to come in and assess your current templates, and spend time updating and tweaking them in accordance with the requirements for ISO 45001 templates
  • You can find and buy some online templates which are certified to ISO 45001 standards
  • You can implement a smarter management system created by a dedicated software company, who establish ISO 45001 templates and systems for companies like your own

Like with all options, there are of course trade offs. Consultants are a reliable and professional approach, but they are expensive and sometimes use older methods and approaches to ISO 45001 templates.

Online templates can be an easy option, but you often don't have great guidance and support, and the templates are often word docs and PDFs which make managing your ISO certification and demonstrating your IMS difficult.

And software vendors can provide full packages which make establishing and demonstrating a professional IMS very easy, but they require an ongoing subscription and can require more change management as people move from paper to phone or tablet and other digital methods.

More and more companies are beginning to use a combination of the above methods for their ISO 45001 templates.

They are using the services of a consultant to establish digital ISO 45001 templates inside of software system. This way, they are improving the contents and layout of their templates in-line with the ISO while also streamlining the processes behind the ISO requirements and making demonstrating the ISO easy.

An example of a good ISO 45001 template

There are two main pieces to creating and maintaining the perfect ISO 45001 templates and the perfect ISO processes.

The first piece is to collect or capture the right information. Many of the best parts of the ISO standard involve the provocativeness of the standard, ensuring companies focus on avoiding issues and accidents through proactive measures, rather than reactive measures. This means people need to understand the procedures which enable proactive management, as well as the means by which to document them.

A great example of this is for hazard management. Identifying hazards is a much better safety practice than reporting incidents. But to manage hazards before they become incidents, workers need to know what constitutes a hazard, which can be learned through toolbox talks and safety training, and they also need to be able to quickly access and document a hazard.

The next part of ideal ISO 45001 templates and general ISO management is to be able to properly store, find and action the information captured on site. This has been a weak point for many field-based companies for many years. While their workers have been able to document information reasonably well on paper and other traditional formats, this information would often get lost or filed away in folders - never to be seen again.

Both of the above problems point to the strength of modern ISO 45001 templates, which are established and managed in a digital format.

These templates share their contents and layouts with the ISO 45001 templates companies have often used in word, PDF and excel formats, but they are easier to manage day-to-day and make demonstrating your IMS and ISO compliant processes easy.

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The other major benefit to a digital IMS and digital ISO 45001 templates is how easy it is to update and manage your templates moving forward.

Because systems have automatic document control and versioning, making an update to a template for a new site or new regulation is a one touch effort. You update the template, and those changes are reflected down through your projects, teams and company, meaning everyone is always using the same latest and ISO 45001 compliant version of the document.

Paper-based management systems just don't stack up from an ISO perspective, and the sooner you can start transitioning your paper-based templates to a single touch digital format the better.

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