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Document control engineering

Document control engineering: Procedures and software for better document control

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Automated workflows - Document control systems also enable automation, which is another time-saving and control mechanism. The power and complexity of these software workflows will differ based on the size and complexity of your company, but almost all companies can benefit from automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

For example, you may want to setup document workflows for permits and approval based documents, which require multiple signoffs or approval steps.

As you can see below, the responsible person is notified when the document or activity requires an action, which ensures don't get missed or forgotten and that your documents and communications move quickly.

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Document and database linkages - Most documents don't operate in a silo; most documents are 'linked' to other documents in some way, or reference other documents.

Softwares enable you to make direct links between different documents, so that people can literally see, click and navigate to related evidence or documents when required.

You can also reference items and tasks from company or project based databases, which stops people having to manually enter data and jump back and forth between systems - and standardises the way in which data is captured.

Permissions and rights - One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining document control and implementing document control engineering is to stop people from messing things up.

Software enables you to create hard restrictions on what people can and can't do, can and can't see, and can and can't edit.

This is even more powerful for companies who work with a number of different internal and external stakeholders, as they can give view access or restricted access.

Having granular control over what users can and can't do means only people who should be able to change the important stuff like master docs can, and everyone else can simply do their jobs. This means your controls stay in place, and people can focus on doing good work.

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