Part L Photographic Evidence

Easily meet the Part L Photographic Evidence requirements by properly managing your construction photos and having compliant and well organised photographic proof throughout your construction builds.

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What is the Part L photographic evidence requirement?

The Part L photographic evidence requirement is mandatory and an extremely important aspect of any new building construction or refurbishment.

Part L Photographic Evidence requires house builders and developers to demonstrate that any new builds and/or refurbished dwellings are constructed to meet building regulation standards. Failure to meet these criteria means SAP assessors cannot release EPCs and the new BREL Report for plot completion.

Part L requires all photos to be taken at appropriate stages of construction when each detail is completed and before closing works.

If a builder doesn't meet this requirement throughout each phase of the construction project, it could lead to work being deconstructed and retrofitted - costing the builder time and money.

Potentially even more impactful, non-compliance with the BREL report, (which is required for final work sign off) also means a property can’t be deemed as  completed.

The Part L Photographic Evidence requirement is a hard requirement for building work started after 15th June 2023, which many existing projects already adhering to the standard from the initial 15th June 2022 start date.

How you can easily meet and maintain the Part L Photographic Evidence requirement on your construction builds

Photo management has always been important for construction projects, but has taken on increased importance with Part L Photographic evidence coming online.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that building companies and developers use digital tools for collecting data in the field, and storing it in an organised way.

Using modern software tools including field based apps can instantly streamline how workers can document and manage photos from site, and then sync those photos back to a central database for easy reference, and for any type of auditing or proof to assessors or other parties in future.

Almost all of the Part L Photographic Evidence requirements can be met instantly by using a proper construction photo management tool:

  • Photos need to be digital
  • Geolocation needs to be shown to prove the date and location of each image
  • Each construction detail in each plot needs a separate image meaning lots of images need capturing
  • Images must be high quality and visibly clear
  • Keep the photo evidence organised

See below to see the features of the best photo management app on the market, Dashpivot.

One central database for all of your Part L Photographic Evidence

Easily capture and store photographic evidence in the cloud so it's impossible for anything to be missed or lost.

Use your well organised and digital photographic evidence to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulation England Part L (BREL) showing your as-built conditions match the design stage Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation.

Meet the Part L Photo requirements automatically

Meet the Approved Document Part L Appendix B requirements with every photo across your team and operation.

Every photo captured inside of the system is high definition and full resolution, and when the right Part L settings are enabled - every image gets GPS tagged, location stamped, and date and time stamped.

Add additional detail to your photos directly on site

Capture photos to meet Part L Photographic Evidence requirements, and make them more useful to your team and clients as well with functionality including instant markup.

Highlight specific details including defects, safety issues, dilapidations or other important information so that you make your internal project and plot records stronger too.

Capture photos online or offline to ensure Part L compliance

You need photographic evidence at every stage of a project, so you need your photo tool or 'app' to be reliable and work completely offline.

Take photographic evidence whether online or offline, then those photos will be uploaded and be accessible in the office as soon and stored securely as you regain connection.

Pass an Part L Photographic Evidence audit by keeping your photos automatically organised

One of the requirements of Part L Photographic Evidence is to keep your photos organised.

Using a flexible digital folder structure, you can create folders to align with your plots, projects, clients or any other structure which suits the nature of your jobs.

This way, when photo evidence is taken, it is automatically stored in the right folder for easy reference or auditing in future.

More than a photo app

Dashpivot is the best tool for capturing building and construction photos and meeting Part L Photographic Evidence requirements, and it can handle all of your field data capture as well.

You can use the app to manage photos specifically, or digitise more of your processes into the system including site diaries, quality records, and safety management processes to meet higher information management standards across the board.

Start meeting Part L Photographic Evidence requirements more easily now