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5S audit scorecard

See why this 5S audit scorecard is much smarter than excel...

Preview this 5S audit scorecard below. Open the single scorecard entry and edit the template.

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free template better than excel

Use this 5S audit scorecard for free.

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This 5S audit scorecard is much easier to manage than any excel or PDF doc:

  • Access and fill out your 5S audit scorecard directly on site or in the field on any mobile or tablet - or back on any computer.
  • Store your 5S records online where they stay secure and easy to find at any time, or download, print or share PDF or CSV copies in a single click.
  • Customise the 5S scorecard template with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Convert your 5S scorecard records into a register style view in a single click. Just like excel, with no data entry.

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