Sitemate selected as Finalist for My Startup Gig’s Top Startup Employers 2023

Sitemate named Finalist for My Startup Gig’s Top Startup Employers 2023

Top Startup Employers for 2023

October 2023: Sitemate is excited to share that it has been selected as a Finalist for My Startup Gig's Top Startup Employers 2023.

The project highlights startups that have gone above and beyond to create amazing workplaces for their team members across these criteria:

  • How likely the employee was to recommend the employer as a place to work
  • How inspired they are by the company's leadership and vision
  • How much the organisation values employee feedback
  • How psychologically safe the company is
  • The strength of managers
  • Opportunities for training and development
  • Whether people have enough resources and support to perform their job
  • Employee recognition
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • How fun the company is
  • Employee benefits
  • How committed the employer is to addressing issues relating to gender discrimination, bias, and representation.
  • How fair compensation is
  • Whether the job provides a sense of purpose and meaning
  • How likely the employee is to remain at the company for the next 12months

7th Top Startup Employer in Australia for 2023

At the Awards Night, Sitemate was officially named the 7th Top Startup Employer in Australia in the 41+ employee category.

This category is full of fast growing startups and scale-ups, and Sitemate is excited to be named amongst some of Australia's most exciting startups.

The process

This was one of the first projects to independently verify the best startups workplaces in Australia.

My Startup Gig surveyed the employees at each startup, and each employer submitted evidence of their company practices.

To be considered a Verified Top Startup Employer and eligible as a finalist for Top Startup Employers 2023, each startup below met the following requirements:

  • eNPS of 30+: We ask employees 'How likely are you to recommend your employers as a place to work?'. An eNPS of 30+ is impressive and difficult to maintain.
  • 4.2/5 or greater employee survey average (questions below)
  • Minimum 30% employee participation

Onwards in 2024

Sitemate will continue to place the employee experience at the heart of its operations in 2024, with a big year of growth ahead.

You can look at all of our currently open roles here ->

You can see more about what Sitemate employees think about working at the company on our Sitemate Glassdoor profile.

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