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Construction site meeting minutes template

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Use this better site meeting minutes template for free.

The construction site meeting minutes template is powered by Dashpivot project management software.

  • Edit or add form fields with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Access and complete your meeting minutes on laptop with the software, or mobile or tablet with the app.
  • Format your completed reports into list view or register view at the click of a button.
  • Download, print or send your meeting minutes as custom branded excel or PDF documents.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Standardise your construction site meeting minutes format and manage completed meeting minutes

Create a standardised format for meeting minutes

Use the standardised meeting minutes template with the framework and structure you need to properly record and organise meeting minutes so that they are helpful and actionable.

Customise the template with any extra fields or sections you'd like to capture with the drag and drop form builder.

Keep track of meetings minutes by date in the Timeline View

It can be time consuming to keep track of meeting minutes and find specific ones run on different days.

Timeline View gives you a chronological list of meeting minutes captured by date with a helpful identifying tag such as project, location or team.

Get more detail on meeting minutes in the Register View

If you need to find more detail about completed construction site meeting minutes, use the Register view.

See a spreadsheet-like view of meeting minutes you can use to sort or filter by different fields to find the information you need quicker.

Build automated workflows around your meeting minute processes

Workflows enable you to setup simple yet powerful automations which notify chosen people at certain stages of a process. View these workflows to see the current status of meeting minutes so nothing important ever gets missed.

Standardise your construction quotation templates and build powerful automations to eliminate data entry and double-handling

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Build digital processes around meeting minutes

There's more to meeting minutes than just capturing them.

A digital solution for meeting minutes can help run your projects smoother.

Keep track of what's been done in Timeline and Register views to reduce double handling.

Scan your team's digital IDs to add their attendance automatically to the meeting minutes report.

Streamline your commercial documents in one place

Meeting minutes are just a part of the documentation needed on a construction site to keep things running efficiently.

Dashpivot can be used for a variety of commercial and contractual use cases like site diaries, change orders, risk registers, site instructions and more.

Using an integrated system makes it easier for your team to find the templates and documents they need in one place.

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