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Construction Job hazard analysis template

Preview how this digital construction Job Hazard Analysis template works for yourself

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This construction Job Hazard Analysis template is powered by Dashpivot.

  • Customise the template with the drag and drop form builder to choose what fields you need to capture.
  • Access existing JHAs on construction sites via the mobile app, or capture new JHAs via mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Use tables to organise large blocks of information, such as risk matrixes, hazard identification and risk status.
  • Contactless signoff ensures that you're meeting compliance needs for a full audit trail.

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See how other companies are managing their construction Job Hazard Analyses with Dashpivot

Streamline all of your safety management processes with ease with the Dashpivot app

Construction Job Hazard Analyses are an important part of your safety processes, but aren't the only document that you need on site.

You can extend your safety applications beyond JHAs, utilising templates for safety inspections, hazard reporting, risk registers and attach your JHAs to other reports as needed.

Integrating your safety processes can save time and admin by having everything in one place, and being able to reference documents in your templates.

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