Construction RAMS template

Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) template

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This construction RAMS template is powered by Dashpivot.

  • Use tables to fill out detailed information on construction projects, their safety, risks and procedures.
  • Drop-downs with pre-filled information makes it quick and easy to enter common data such as locations, categories, project, etc.
  • Contactless signoff saves your team time and builds a bulletproof audit trail.
  • Take pictures and attach them to your construction RAMS.
  • Create a risk matrix to manage potential hazards.

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RAMS are an integral part of your construction workflow, but there are many other processes on site that you need to be managing on an ongoing basis.

Dashpivot integrates your construction and safety workflows across permits, method statements, safety and compliance, saving time and reducing costs and losses in a simple-to-use safety management system.

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