Daily Safety Report Template

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Daily safety report template

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How does this daily safety report template actually work?

Use this daily safety report template for free.

This daily safety report is powered by Dashpivot, making daily safety observation reporting and documentation easy to manage:

  • Complete and edit your daily safety observation reports on any device: computer, mobile or tablet.
  • Download, print or send your daily safety reports as professionally formatted (your company logo and colours) CSV or PDF documents.
  • Manage your safety reports in the cloud where they can be stored, accessed, downloaded, shared and printed.
  • Customise the daily safety report template to make it more suitable for your projects and people.
  • Instantly format your completed safety reports into timeline view or register view to save time and manual data entry.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Standardise your daily safety report format with a digital template for better documented reporting and powerful functionality

Digitise your daily safety report template

Create or customise your daily safety report template from the pre-built standardised daily safety report template with the drag and drop form builder.

All the fields and sections you need are pre-built into the template, so you can quickly and easily create detailed daily safety reports.

See a chronological list of daily safety reports

Timeline View is great for getting a quick overview of what's been submitted and finding a recently completed daily safety report.

Reports are grouped by submitted date, with an identifying tag such as team, project or location for quick and easy reference.

Convert all of your daily safety report data into a register

Save yourself time and effort by converting your daily safety reports into a register view with a single click.

Get more information on your reports at a glance, and filter or sort by fields in a spreadsheet-like view.

Create automated workflows around your daily safety report requirements

Workflows enable you to setup simple yet powerful automations which send automatic notifications when daily safety reports are drafted, completed or need review.

Ensure you never miss a step so daily safety reports are actioned quickly and on time to ensure safety and compliance.

Standardise your daily safety report format with a digital template for better documented reporting and powerful functionality

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Manage your safety processes with a dedicated solution

There's more to safety than just daily safety reports.

Inspections, hazard and incident reporting, risk assessments and many more templates are pre-built ready for you to use in minutes.

Save time and reduce errors by having everything in one place.

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