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Toolbox talk template

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How does this digital and editable toolbox talk template work?

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This toolbox talk template is powered by Dashpivot:

  • Manage your toolbox talks in the cloud where they are always accessible and where everyone can collaborate on the same latest versions.
  • Complete toolbox talks on any device from anywhere.
  • Download, print or send your toolbox talks as CSV or PDF documents with your company logo and brand colours.
  • Customise the toolbox talk template with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Instantly format your completed toolbox talks into timeline view or register view to display and find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Build a standardised toolbox talks template for better safety outcomes and powerful automations

Create your digital toolbox talk format

Use the standardised toolbox talk template format or create your own from scratch.

The drag and drop form builder makes it easy to add your own fields and customise any template to your project or team needs.

Keep track of your completed toolbox talks in Timeline View

Review what toolbox talks have been run in a chronological timeline view.

Use tags such as toolbox talk topic, project or team so you can recognise which toolbox talk it was at a glance.

Toggle your toolbox talk data into Register View with a single click

Register view gives you more information on your toolbox talk data, such as talking points, feedback and team attendance.

Use filters and sorting to find information on the toolbox talks you need.

Automated workflows make it easy to queue up, record and sign off on toolbox talks

Workflows enable you to setup simple yet powerful automations which notify chosen people at certain stages of a process. View these workflows to see the current status of toolbox talks so nothing important ever gets missed.

Build a standardised toolbox talks template for better safety outcomes and powerful automations

Other popular templates you can use and customise for free

Toolbox Talks Slips Trips and Falls template

Toolbox Talks Slips Trips and Falls template

Manage your teams safety with regards to slips, trips and falls with this Toolbox Talk template.

Toolbox Talk Noise Pollution template

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Toolbox Talk Mental Health Template

Toolbox Talk Mental Health Template

Ensure your team's mental health is healthy for better work outcomes and happier employees.

Take your toolbox talks processes to the next level

Running an effective toolbox talk is a great step in the safety battle to keep your team working safely and compliantly.

Monitoring toolbox talk performance and attendance is another war, entirely.

Use a digital tool to help scan employee digital IDs to add their attendance to the report.

Print QR code posters around site to take employees directly to the toolbox talk on their phone so they can stay reminded of important safety information.

Integrate all of your safety and compliance needs in one place

Toolbox talks are a small part of the safety and compliance puzzle.

Safety inspections, audits, risk assessments, Job Hazard Analyses and more need to be done regularly for safety and to meet compliance regulations.

Make it easy for your team to find the templates and documentation they need by having it all in one place, even segmenting and sharing different forms by team folder so they only need to see the forms relevant to them.

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