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Job hazard analysis for mechanical works template

See how this digital mechanical works JHA could work for your next project

Use this Job Hazard Analysis for mechanical works template on your next project

This job hazard analysis for mechanical works template is powered by Dashpivot.

  • Moving parts love limbs - keep your team safe with the standardised mechanical works JHA template.
  • Attach photos and videos, such as of electrical hazards or potential flying debris, directly to your mechanical works JHA to give full context to potential hazards and risks.
  • Make it easy for your team to fill out detailed information about noise and vibration levels, and what PPE is needed.
  • Share your completed mechanical works JHAs internally or to 3rd parties in a single click as perfectly formatted PDF or CSV.

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Make your JHAs for mechanical works digital

Integrate your mechanical works processes into one place

Mechanical works require a lot of safety processes beyond Job Hazard Analyses.

Integrate all of your safety processes and documentation, such as Lockout Tagouts, SWMS, pre starts, inspections, inductions and more, into one place, so everything is organised and easy to find.

Organise your projects and teams by folders, so your team only needs to see the templates and processes relevant to them.

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