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JSA template

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How does this JSA template actually work?

Use this digital JSA template for free.

This JSA template was generated with Dashpivot, which gives you new document controls:

  • Access and complete your JSA on computer, mobile or tablet (offline mode for mobile devices).
  • Download, print or send your JSA's as CSV or PDF documents with your logo and branding.
  • Manage your JSA entries in the cloud where they are automatically organised and always accessible.
  • Customise the JSA form to suit your own projects and company with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Instantly format your completed JSA's into timeline view or register view to save time and manual data entry.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Standardise your JSA templates to get jobs and tasks done in the safest way possible

Digitise the creation of your JSA forms

Create or customise any digital JSA form you want with the simple drag-and-drop form builder, or use the standardised JSA template from Dashpivot's library.

All the fields and sections you need are pre-built into the template, so you can quickly and easily create detailed forms.

Timeline View offers a chronological glimpse into your JSA forms

Register view is great for seeing a spreadsheet view of your completed JSA forms, but Timeline view is great for seeing a quick overview of JSA forms submitted by date.

Instant register creation from your JSA forms, with no manual entry

Leave behind the tedious task of manual formatting and managing makeshift databases of completed JSAs. Dashpivot offers a one-click solution to convert your forms into a register.

Track the status of your JSAs with automated workflows

Workflows make it possible to set up simple automations that keep specific team members informed during key stages of your JSA process. Viewing these workflows ensures you're always up-to-date with the status of your forms so nothing important ever gets missed.

Standardise your JSA templates to get jobs and tasks done in the safest way possible

Other popular templates you can use and customise for free

Permit to work template

Permit to work template

Digitise and automate the permit approval process for any safety permit to work with this flexible template.

Hazard Report template

Hazard Report template

Document and report hazards quickly and thoroughly to keep everyone safe.

Safety Toolbox Talk template

Safety Toolbox Talk template

This toolbox talk template is quick and easy to complete and signoff on site, and keeps all of your toolbox talks neatly organised and professional.

Streamline your JSA process with a smart solution

A JSA is a crucial step in planning out tasks to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they translate into incidents. Without a JSA, there's a tendency to prioritise speed over safety, leading to tasks being done on autopilot without considering the inherent risks.

A digital solution makes it easier for workers to thoroughly assess and evaluate risks based on their likelihood and the potential severity of any incidents, focusing efforts on the most critical areas.

With a smart app, you can create and manage JSA forms digitally. Whether in the field, at the office, or on the go, JSAs can be completed in real-time on mobile or tablet. Completed forms and records are automatically synced, stored securely, and organised within the app.

Say goodbye to the chaos of paperwork with an integrated system

Managing a construction site's safety documentation and processes can often feel like navigating a maze. From daily checklists to monthly audits, the sheer volume of paperwork can be overwhelming.

Our safety management system is engineered to support virtually any safety process you can imagine. Whether your safety documents and procedures are currently in Word, Excel, PDF, or any other format, our system allows for easy integration.

Convert existing documents automatically, create new ones with a simple drag-and-drop form builder, or select from our extensive library of best practice safety templates.

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