Safety Violation Template: Easy safety violation forms and notices

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Safety violation template

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How does this safety violation template actually work?

Use this safety violation template for free.

This safety violation template was generated with Dashpivot, which gives you new document controls:

  • Complete safety violations on any device - complete them directly on site with a mobile or tablet, or on the computer.
  • Download, print or send safety violation notices to other parties as professionally formatted PDF document reports with your company logo attached.
  • Customise the safety violation form with drag-and-drop functionality to make it suit your company.
  • Format all of your safety violation notices into a register view, to easily find what you're looking for.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Standardise your safety violation templates to make it easier for you to document, send and sign off or approve safety violations

Create your safety violation forms digitally

This safety violation template comes pre-built with fields for all the important violation details, and can be used and signed off digitally to streamline the process.

You can also customise this safety violation form template with a drag-and-drop builder, making it even more suitable for your company.

See recently completed safety violation forms in Timeline View

Timeline view lets you group, filter or organise all your completed safety violation forms by date to keep track of records.

Choose which smart tags are visible in Timeline view to easily reference the project, team or location for each form.

One click register conversion for all your safety violation notices

Save yourself from manually formatting and entering your safety violation data into a spreadsheet - Dashpivot can do the heavy lifting for you.

Convert your safety violation forms into an organised register in one click to see your data at a glance.

Trigger notifications when it's time to signoff on your safety violation notice

Set up automated workflows around your safety violation notices so that team members are automatically notified when it's their turn to signoff or approve.

View these workflows to see the current status of your safety violation notices so nothing ever gets missed.

Standardise your safety violation templates to make it easier for you to document, send and sign off or approve safety violations

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A better, smarter way to manage safety on site

Safety is a vital element of effective project management for construction, mining, oil and gas and other industrial projects.

These companies create countless processes and procedures to mitigate the chance of safety hazards and incidents - and still struggle to keep the numbers low in such a dangerous environment.

Trying to manage all the different processes and documents your projects and sites need on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis can quickly become overwhelming.

A smarter safety management system streamlines how you document, manage, and track safety documentation so you can keep your workers safe.

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