Extension of time (EOT) app

Stay in control of your EOT requests with a streamlined process.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

~10,000 employees

~10 employees

~200 employees

~25,000 employees

~1,000 employees

~1,500 employees

~30 employees

~6,000 employees

~20 employees

~20 employees

~40 employees

~5,000 employees

~1,000 employees

Build a standardised EOT request to capture all necessary information

Ensure all associated costs and payments are appropriately justified and dispersed.

Convert your existing EOT request form or use the extension of time template.

Attach photos with markup to document all EOT requests

Make sure your extension of time requests are well documented to provide proper justification for delays or increased project costs.

Take photos or videos in the app and attach them directly to the EOT request, and add markup if necessary to highlight important information.

Manage extension of time requests with automated workflows

Ensure your project remains on track, delays are minimised and associated costs and payments are appropriately justified and dispersed.

Build an approval process that notifies the approver that an extension of time request has been submitted for sign-off approval.

Attach documents to make sure your EOT is well documented

Attach relevant delay or change notices and other pertinent information to ensure EOT requests can be processed quickly and fairly.

Attach PDFs to extension of time requests directly in the app and add any markup needed to add more context.

Get a quick overview of all EOT submissions in the Timeline view

Always know where all your EOT requests are sitting in the timeline view.

Use the timeline view as your centralised place to see all submissions ordered by date and showing tags such as location or category to help organise them better.

Share extension of time requests as PDF or CSV

Instantly print, download or send any of your EOTs as perfectly formatted CSV or PDF documents directly from site or in the office.

Every export has your logo and company colours, so everything stays standardised and professional.

Track EOT requests to manage delays and costs

Use the analytics dashboard to analyse trends of what is causing delays and causing project cost blowouts.

Filter and breakdown EOT requests by location, category, time period and more to deep dive into the data to get actionable insights.

More than 'just' an EOT app - if you want it to be

Don't want too many different apps, tools and systems to login into, use and maintain?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which works for commercial use cases like site diaries, change orders and variations, and for other site activities and processes including daily reporting, safety inspections, quality inspections and more.

Use Dashpivot to take care of just your extension of time requests or consolidate your processes into a single easy to use app.

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