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Streamline and improve your daily reporting and track daily and project progress in real-time with the smart daily reporting app and software.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

~10,000 employees

~10 employees

~200 employees

~25,000 employees

~1,000 employees

~1,500 employees

~30 employees

~6,000 employees

~20 employees

~20 employees

~40 employees

~5,000 employees

~1,000 employees

Reduce daily admin and build bulletproof daily reporting records

  • Customisable reports

  • E-signatures

  • Offline mode

  • Location tagging

  • One-click send

  • Required fields

  • Kanban workflows

  • Tables & dropdowns

  • Photo and video

  • Conditional form logic

  • Contactless sign

  • PDF & photo markup

  • Photo stamping

  • Automated formulas

  • Draft and autosave

  • iOS and Android

Complete and update your daily report from anywhere on any mobile, tablet or computer

Access and complete your daily construction reports in the office or on site, with all of your records being safely stored and always accessible from the cloud.

The iOS and Android apps were designed to make completing a site diary as simple and quick as possible with features like instant clone daily to eliminate duplicate work.

Capture and attach supporting photos and videos in real-time

Take photos inside the Dashpivot app on your phone or tablet on site so it's impossible to lose any important evidence. Organise your photos with smart tags to make them easily traceable by specific dates, projects, teams or custom tags.

The photos section can be filtered by person and you can create entire photo libraries associated with specific projects and teams.

Since the introduction of Dashpivot to our construction team, the visibility and communication through photos and online forms has increased exponentially.

The whole team has live updates of works being completed in real time and with exact locations.

Daniel G
M&E Supervisor | Source: Capterra

Export and share daily construction reports out of the software or app in one-click

Instantly print, download or send any form or report as a professionally formatted CSV or PDF documents with your own logo and brand colours.

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Get new insights and automate even more of the daily reporting process

Track and report on daily activities and performance automatically

The daily reporting app and software automatically aggregate all of your daily records and data, so you can create custom dashboards and automated charts.

Track daily production rates, delays, incidents or anything else you want. The analytics are customisable and flexible for whatever you want to track.

Instantly convert your daily reporting into different formats to eliminate data entry and admin

Real-time project management register
Project management register

Get more out of your daily reporting app

Why use a single app for daily reporting, and then other tools and systems for your other frequent jobs?

Consolidate more of your processes and data with Dashpivot. You can get all of your daily reporting, diaries, checklists, reports and more done with a single system.

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