A better environmental management system

Document, measure and monitor environmental processes on your sites and projects effectively to maintain pristine environmental conditions and positive stakeholder relations

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Streamline and improve your key environmental management tasks


Improve permit completion & streamline workflows between parties

Environmental monitoring

Better capture, organise and analyse data gathered from the field and office

Checklists & reports

Digitise checklist & report creation, completion, and analysis

Waste tracking

Streamline how you document and track waste


Improve environmental compliance by becoming more proactive about permit creation, completion & management


Capture and track site data relating to device recording and inspections more securely and efficiently


Reduce manual data entry and working with paper-based monitoring forms. Use digital forms which can be accessed and completed on site or in the office - and automatically structured in register, excel and PDF format


Attach inspection and recording photos and records to forms in real-time, so that nothing gets missed and everything is organised properly


See reports and results from monitoring events through automated dashboards - and get the insights you need to make more informed decisions about how to improve your enviro processes

Operate to the highest environmental and management system standards

Sitemate has worked with a number of companies on getting and maintaining ISO certification - and the system makes demonstrating your management system and managing environmental outcomes on any number of concurrent projects much easier for all parties

Dashpivot ISO certification


Better avoid and mitigate environmental incidents, spills, and disasters by cleaning up and tracking day-to-day work more effectively


Save hours per day on checklist & report management using secure templates which live in the cloud and are easier and more enjoyable to use every day


Attach photos and other media directly to checklists and reports so that nothing gets missed or lost - and it's easy to look back at events and records


Automate the creation of analytics dashboards, which can highlight the frequency of works completed or give you an incident report summary at the click of a button


Streamline and automate waste tracking in the field and in the office with one system


Digitise your waste tracking documents or other forms so that field workers can document and sign off on pickups and deliveries directly from site or in the office


Setup simple and powerful workflows for waste movements and deliveries so everyone always knows what's happening and nothing gets missed


Get real-time insights through custom dashboards and analytics charts about how much waste has been created, where the waste is coming from and more

Your ideal environmental documents and workflows, now

Almost any environmental document or process can be run in the softwares smart digital format

Any environmental document or procedure you currently run with Word, Excel, PDF or other apps can be converted into the system automatically, created in the system with simple drag-and-drop, or chosen from our free library of best practice environmental templates

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Dashpivot software award

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