The simple & powerful preventative maintenance app

Streamline your preventative maintenance processes with ease, so you can save time and improve your asset management.

Improving maintenance and other field processes at companies of every size

One smart preventative maintenance app to improve your processes and your assets

Create and deploy your maintenance templates and frameworks

Create smarter digital versions of your preventative maintenance templates.

Use text fields, dropdowns, dates, categories, tables, digital signatures and more to build the perfect layout for your workers and for your records.

Deploy your master templates to specific projects and teams in one click, and when you make changes, they are instantly deployed to all versions.

Document preventative maintenance issues and actions from anywhere

Enable any internal or external party to manage preventative maintenance properly no matter where they are.

Easily sccess and complete maintenance checklists or inspections using any mobile, tablet or computer, so everyone always has the tools and control they need to properly document and share what's happening.

Setup automated workflows for repeat tasks or communications

Communicating maintenance issues and other approval based workflows like requests and field service reports is incredibly time-consuming and problematic through PDFs, emails and phone calls.

With a preventative maintenance app, you can setup automated workflows so that certain procedures happen automatically. Instant notifications and approval signatures ensure nothing gets missed or delayed.

Keep all of your records stored securely in the preventative maintenance app

Preventative maintenance records and proof are critical, but they are often lost or organised all over the place, making them almost impossible to find.

Every record you capture using the preventative maintenance app is instantly synced to the system in real-time and stamped with important information like who captured it, where it was captured and more.

This way, you can easily search for and find specific records in seconds, at any point in the future.

Build, update and reference a single database of all of your assets

Maintaining multiple spreadsheets for your plant, equipment and assets is a nightmare.

With the lists section of the system, you can build a single source of truth database with all of the information you need about each item including when the next preventative maintenance check is due, and recent service records.

Reference these lists in your forms and maintenance records to keep your database updated and setup automated notifications to keep your records standardised and accurate.

Generate perfectly formatted maintenance reports in one click.

Preventative maintenance records often need to be shared with internal and external stakeholders.

Using the app, you can download, print or send any record in a single click from a mobile, tablet or computer, and each export is professionally formatted with your company logo and colours.

Make it easy to record maintenance with QR code posters

Spend less time finding the right form and chasing up missed reports by posting QR code posters for your maintenance templates.

Ensure that maintenance completed is quickly recorded straight from the field to the office with QR code posters that take you straight to the preventative maintenance form in Dashpivot.

One system with multiple formats and views for your preventative maintenance activities.

Real-time project management register
Project management workflow
Project management register

Get new insights about your maintenance activities and performance

The preventative maintenance app automatically aggregates all of your data for you, so you can display it in informative dashboards and graphs.

See things like how many maintenance activities have been performed and how many maintenance failures have resulted in issues - all in real-time.

More than a preventative maintenance app.

Why use one app for preventative maintenance and another for inspections or defects?

Consolidate more of your processes inside of this flexible app to streamline your entire business with ease.

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