Environmental condition monitoring app

Improve environmental condition monitoring to ensure you meet your environmental and sustainability obligations.

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The quick, easy and powerful environmental condition monitoring app

  • Digital reports

  • E-signatures

  • Offline mode

  • Location tagging

  • One-click send

  • Required fields

  • Kanban workflows

  • Tables & dropdowns

  • Photo and video

  • Conditional logic

  • Contactless sign

  • PDF & photo markup

  • Photo stamping

  • Automated formulas

  • Draft and autosave

  • iOS and Android

Create your environmental condition monitoring template

Keep rock solid records of environmental conditions across your worksites for immediate, easy reference and a full audit trail.

Create your digital environmental condition monitoring template from scratch using the drag and drop form builder, or use the free environmental condition monitoring template and customise to your needs.

Record and access monitoring reports on mobile and tablet

Measure and monitor environmental conditions on your project or operation to ensure you meet your environmental and sustainability obligations.

The Dashpivot app makes it quick and easy to fill out your template or find existing environmental condition monitoring reports on site.

Attach photos and videos directly to your environmental condition monitoring reports

Easily tag locations, store photos and capture condition monitoring data that is automatically populated into registers.

Take photos from the environmental condition monitoring app and automatically add timestamps, geotagging, photo markup and smart tags to ensure your registers are well-documented.

Work in offline mode in remote areas

Never be held back when working in areas with low or no internet connection.

Load your environmental condition monitoring report and record your new register to be uploaded to the office when you regain connection.

Create workflows for condition monitoring

Periodic or continuous environmental condition monitoring can help your operation run more efficiently with less effort required to stay environmentally compliant.

Workflows send automated notifications when environmental condition monitoring reports are created and ready for review.

Track progress automatically and get new insights about performance

Analyse environmental monitoring performance in the Analytics Dashboard.

Filter or breakdown by location, project or team to uncover actionable insights to help improve efficiencies for your environmental impact.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your monitoring registers

Switch between Timeline and Register view to get quick information on your environmental condition monitoring

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than just an environmental condition monitoring app

Are you using multiple tools, spreadsheets or documents to manage your environmental processes?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which can be used across your environmental workflow, with templates for impact assessments, incident reporting, waste tracking and more.

Use Dashpivot as an environmental condition monitoring app, or streamline your entire environmental workflow.

Try the environmental condition monitoring app and software for yourself for free