Simple & powerful Geotechnical and Survey software

Dashpivot enables geotechnical and survey teams and engineers to digitise and simplify how they document all of their critical information no matter where they are.

Safety management software

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Avoid injuries and serious catastrophes while ensuring compliance by streamlining your permit procedure with software which works seamlessly online and offline.

Save time by eliminating manual permit transfers, manual signatures, and the loss of physical evidence and hard copies while improving your permit records and organisation for improved compliance, safety - and your own sanity.

Geotechnical form software
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Geotechnical workflow software
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Eliminate the urge to give important checklists and reports the tick-and-flick by making them easy to complete and organise - both online and offline.

Save hours of engineering time on checklist and report completion by giving engineers the tools they need to capture information in real-time. Once completed, checklists and reports are automatically ordered, organised and can be displayed in timelines, registers or visual charts.

Survey checklist and report software
Survey photo app and software
Survey tracking software

Deploy standardised inspection checklists and reports to projects and teams so all of the data being collected directly on site is accurate and rich. Every digital checklist or report was designed for quick and easy completion with tables, digital signatures, and clone functionality.


Take inspection and report photos directly inside of the app so that every record comes attached with proof. Access and comment on all of your photos and videos in the cloud-based photo library.


See how many inspections and reports have been completed in real-time to understand how you are tracking - and get new insights on project and team performance.

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Capture, organise and track survey findings and survey field reports with speed and accuracy.

Managing the survey field reporting process across multiple systems and documents makes it messy and time-consuming. Instead, use a single consolidated platform which keeps your survey field report data standardised and consistent all the way from site to the office and back again.


Record survey findings on site with mobile or tablet and reconcile them back at the office. Dashpivot's digital forms give you more features and controls over what goes in your reports.

Markups and annotations

Add important information and annotate PDFs and site drawings directly on site inside of the app.


Capture photos and videos which bring more clarity to your field reports. All of the photos and videos you capture are automatically stored in the cloud for bulletproof record keeping and compliance.


Get real-time insight into your survey field reporting: how many have been recorded, where they have been captured, who has been capturing them and more.

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Survey field report tracking


Bring simple automation to your survey request process with smart workflows which ensure requests move quickly and never get missed.

Survey requests are critical to gathering and communicating critical spatial information for planning and conformance records - so you need a reliable and consistent method for recording, organising and tracking survey requests in order to move your project forwards more effectively.

Site survey request
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Survey request register

Enable your engineers and workers to easily create and complete survey requests from the site or the office on any device.


Create simple workflows which notify the surveyor when the survey request is created and signed off. Setup real-time notifications so collaboration is seamless and delays are avoided.


Engineers and surveyors can provide additional detail and records through photos and videos.


Format all of your survey requests into a register in the click of a button to filter and find specific requests or details. Just like excel, but without manual data entry or formatting.

Dashpivot is flexible enough to handle even more of your geotechnical or survey project delivery jobs. Book a demo to tell us about your use case or simply get started now.