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Toolbox Talk Template:
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Toolbox talk template

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Preview how this editable toolbox talk template has Word-like functionality while being able to download as PDF or display like Excel.

Use this printable toolbox talk template for free and download it as PDF.

This free toolbox talk template was generated with Dashpivot

This digital toolbox talk template has more functionality than just using Word or Excel, and is easily editable for different topics.

  • Customise the pre-built toolbox talk template with the drag and drop form builder for any extra fields or sections you need.
  • Use photos or videos of hazards or incidents on site to educate your team on the dangers.
  • Download, print or send your toolbox talks as CSV or PDF documents with your company logo and brand colours.
  • Manage your toolbox talks in the cloud where they are always accessible and where everyone can collaborate on the same latest versions.
  • Instantly format your completed toolbox talks into timeline view or register view to display and find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

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Use toolbox talks to build a culture of safety

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