The smarter safe work method statement app

Save massive amounts of time and create a safer and more compliant workplace for everyone using this safe work method statement app.

Safe work method statement app

The SWMS and safety app of choice for projects of every size.

Dashpivot for general contractors
Dashpivot for general contractors

Streamline how you manage your safe work method statements from start to finish with a single app.

Create or convert your traditional SWMS document into a smarter digital format.

Create the perfect SWMS template with an easy drag-and-drop document builder. Use text fields, tables, date and digital signature fields to upgrade your PDF or word-based template into an easier to use format for everyone.

Dashpivot digital form builder
Safe work method statement app

A flexible safe work method statement app designed for all of your favourite devices.

A safe work method statement app makes it easy for workers to open and sign off on your SWMS documents no matter where they are.

Have workers view and acknowledge the SWMS directly on site, with every signature or document change being instantly synced to the system so nothing can get misplaced or forgotten.

Keep all of your SWMS securely stored and organised, automatically.

All high risks construction activities require SWMS, which means you probably have a few to manage.

Inside of the app, you can store as many SWMS as you like, and you can tag them and name them so they are always easy to find.

SWMS app
Document creation software

Guarantee that everyone is working off the same latest version of the SWMS.

Using paper, word docs and PDFs to manage safe work method statements often results in people working off old or wrong versions which aren't site or project specific.

Using the SWMS app, you can make master template changes which will instantly update the SWMS people are accessing in the field - and you can also deploy old or new SWMS to projects in a single click so people can always access the SWMS they need.

See more free SWMS templates.

Find any SWMS record in seconds using the perfect view for the job.

Real-time project management register
Project management register

Export your SWMS in a single click.

Managing your safe work method statements digitally saves an incredible amount of time and effort - but sometimes you still need a PDF or physical version.

With this SWMS app, you can download, print or share any of your SWMS as privately branded and professionally formatted PDF or CSV documents in a single click, to reduce formatting time and keep all of your documents looking good.

Safe work method statement app export

Try this SWMS app for free now.

Toolbox talk tracking

Track SWMS participation and safety in real-time.

The safe work method statement app automatically tracks all of the information and inputs being conducted in the app, which means you can display that information and those insights in dashboards and analytics charts to stay more informed about what's going on all the time.

More than just a SWMS app, if you need it to be.

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Streamline your safe work method statements with this app now.