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Streamline your Job Hazard Analysis processes to improve safety and for bulletproof compliance.

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The quick, easy and powerful job hazard analysis app

  • Digital JHAs

  • E-signatures

  • Offline mode

  • Location tagging

  • One-click send

  • Required fields

  • Kanban workflows

  • Tables & dropdowns

  • Photo and video

  • Conditional logic

  • Contactless sign

  • PDF & photo markup

  • Photo stamping

  • Automated formulas

  • Draft and autosave

  • iOS and Android

Create your digital Job Hazard Analysis

Make it easy for your team to complete detailed Job Hazard Analysis by creating a standardised template then sharing it to your team.

Use the free template and customise it to the work being done, or create a new JHA from scratch with the drag and drop form builder.

Access your Job Hazard Analysis on site via the app on mobile or tablet

It's critical your team on site has access to the most up-to-date JHA so they're working safely on all potential hazards and risks that have been identified.

Your JHA is a live document, so when your team is accessing it on-site via the mobile app, they're getting the most recent version.

Ensure JHAs are reviewed and signed off on with automated workflows

Job Hazard Analysis are a vital part of your compliance requirements.

Automated workflows send notifications for sign off review once a JHA has been submitted, and can't be closed off until it has received sign off.

Use tables to quickly organise data

Your Job Hazard Analysis will need tables of work to be done with the risks and hazards associated, as well as risk matrices.

Dropdowns with pre-filled information and risk statuses make it easy for your team to fill out JHAs on their phone or tablet, and you can use formulas to calculate risk models based off of information in the table.

Use photos and videos to highlight potential risks and hazards

Pictures tell a thousand words, and photos and videos can help provide a lot more context to your Job Hazard Analysis.

Take photos from within the app, add photo markup, geotagging, timestamps and more to ensure your JHAs are well-documented.

Quickly and easily share Job Hazard Analysis

Share your JHAs from the app on desktop, mobile or tablet in a single click.

All exports are professionally formatted CSV or PDF with brand colours and logo, can be used by your team in the field or for auditors and external parties.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your job hazard analysis

Toggle between formats in one-click to automatically convert your JHAs between timeline and register formats

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than just a job hazard analysis app

Job Hazard Analysis are a very important safety and compliance document, but they don't live independently.

Integrate your safety processes together with Dashpivot, such as safety inspections, planning and audit documents.

Use Dashpivot as just a job hazard analysis app, or streamline your entire safety processes.

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