Contactless Scan & Sign

Enable field workers to sign onto forms and sites with the scan of a secure digital ID card to maintain Covid-19 and procedural compliance while also streamlining your processes.

Sitemate app contactless signature

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Sitemate no touch scan and sign

Keep workers safe and comply with Covid-19 regulations

Paper sign in sheets and traditional touch-based tablet signatures increase the likelihood of Covid-19 transmissions and outbreaks.

Using contactless scan and sign, there is zero cross-person contact, with one person being able to scan another persons device to capture their signature from a distance - meaning better physical and social distancing for all.

Scan secure digital ID cards using the free Sitemate mobile app

Every person at your company, team or site can get free and instant access to the Sitemate app.

The app enables anyone to store and access a unique digital profile or 'digital ID card' and QR code for scanning.

This is much faster than traditional signing methods and also more secure and transparent, with everyone being fully accountable for their own signature.

Sitemate app

Get real-time and perfectly accurate details

Upgrade your records from a basic set of initials or quick scribble to detailed information about each signature entry including names, companies, custom signatures, the exact date and time of the scan as well as GPS location.

All of this information is captured and populated instantly, so you get bulletproof and comprehensive records with less effort than before.

Perfect for critical processes including

Toolbox talks

Pre starts

Job safety cards

Method statements


And more...

ISO 45001 safety management
Sitemate app contactless signature

Keep your operations running smoothly and safely with Sitemate Scan & Sign.