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Streamline your production performance to get detailed insights and visibility over your project.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

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~25,000 employees

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Build standardised production rate reports

Easily collect and use labour, contractor, plant and material costs and bulk quantities in the production rate report template.

Convert your existing processes, create from scratch or use the free production rate report template and customise with the drag and drop form builder.

Track progress automatically and get new insights about performance

Get real-time analytics from the Analytics Dashboard when reports are submitted.

Breakdown and monitor production rates by multiple categories such as: WBS, activity code, bid item, cost code, contractor, area, shift etc. giving you detailed, actionable insights and visibility over your project.

Complete, update and share your report on computer, mobile or tablet

Empower your team by making the production rate report available in the Dashpivot app on mobile or tablet.

Access and complete your production rate report from anywhere, with all of your reports being safely documented and stored in the cloud.

Create production rate report workflows once a report is submitted

Ensure that all production rate reports submitted are reviewed and have sign off approval.

The workflows automatically notify approvers that a report has been submitted and can't be marked as completed unless it's received sign off.

Use tables with category dropdowns to make it easy to fill out reports

Create pre-filled categories in your tables to make it quick and easy to fill out detailed production rate reports.

Add categories such as: WBS, activity code, bid item, cost code, contractor, area, shift etc. to make it easy for your team to add information while on mobile or tablet.

Share production rate reports from the app in a single click

Instantly print, download or send any of your reports as perfectly formatted CSV or PDF documents directly from site or in the office.

Every export has your logo and company colours, so everything stays standardised and professional.

Add photos and videos to your reports

Take photos inside the production rate report app on your phone or tablet on site as everything is happening.

Organise your photos with smart tags, add comments or mark them up, and have them automatically attached to your production rate reports for easy traceability.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your production rate reports

Toggle between formats in one-click to automatically convert your report data between timeline and register formats

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than 'just' a production rate report app - if you want it to be

Don't want too many different apps, tools and systems to login into, use and maintain?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which works for production use cases like shift reports, time and materials tracking, progress reports, and for other site activities and processes including daily reporting, safety inspections, quality inspections and more.

Use Dashpivot to take care of just your production rate reports or consolidate your processes into a single easy to use app.

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