Deliver your projects on budget.

Dashpivot enables companies to streamline cost and resource tracking and automate financial data aggregation - to get unprecedented real-time financial insights and make more informed cost planning decisions.

Project management software for construction

Used by great finance teams and managers on projects of all sizes.

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Get the real-time timesheet and expense data you need to action those hidden cost blowouts, saving money & end-of-project headaches.

Get real-time updates and automate timesheet data aggregation so that you don't have to spend hours compiling and sorting through paper-based timesheets or excessive time manually transferring timesheet information to payroll and HR. Make more informed decisions about labour allocation starting today.

Timesheet project management software
Project timesheet software


Better track and record the work between parties so you have full traceability and people can be held accountable for what they owe.

Paper dockets get lost. Word doc dockets forget to get uploaded and recorded. Digitising docket flows from your management system to site enables you to track everything in real-time and automate the aggregation and organising of dockets.

Docket management software
Construction dockets
Docket software

Using digital docket templates means internal and external parties can access and complete cloud-based foms from anywhere on any device - including real-time digital signoff.


Take and attach relavant photos to show supporting evidence of the work being done & completed by specific parties.


See all of your docket data in beautiful dashboards which can be edited and filtered with ease.


Ensure supplies get to site faster and more of your projects are delivered on time with automated purchase requests & visual workflows.

Create tighter process controls and dramatically increase visibility on expenses by removing the painful manual tracking and requesting of purchase orders.


Easy-to-setup visual workflows enable purchase requests to flow seamlessly from person-to-person - with the required authoriser receiving notifcations for digital signoff.


Attach and record photos of goods as they arrive on site and sign off on the purchase with the required parties instantly.


See closed and outstanding purchase requests in visual charts and graphs - and find new insights by automating order data by cost codes and other parameters.

Purhcase order software construction
Purchase request software
Purchase order software

See what a complete financial management & performance system can do for you.

Get a custom software demo with one of our experts to discuss your company's architecture and unique requirements in detail.

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Get proper summaries and more standardised daily cost data from plant, labour, equipment, materials and more.

Drastically reduce any and all manual data entry and make more informed decisions on works by letting software pull accurate daily cost data from digital forms every day.

Project costing software
Project costing dashboard

Simply toggle to register view to see a database of all of your cost data, which is automated through the collection of data via digital forms connected to every layer of the software.


Automate the creation of daily cost charts - and then filter and pivot them by expense type to see exactly what's happening and where money is being spent and lost.


Projects don't always (ever) go to plan. Find out exactly where and why your projects are running late or over budget, so that you can make changes and bring them back on track quickly.

Delayed cost data and lost records make accurate planning and forecasting impossible. Dashpivot gives you the real-time info and data processing speed to see exactly what happened yesterday, what's happening today, and what will probably happen tomorrow.


Digital forms are completed on site or in the office - via mobile, tablet or computer - to ensure data is accurate and standardised to make automating analytics possible.


Build bar charts and s-curve charts at the click of a button, because all the data is being automatically extracted from digital forms completed in the office or on site.

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Dashpivot software is flexible enough to handle even more financial jobs. Book a demo to tell us about your use case or simply get started now.