Capture and track what's happening on your sites, as it happens.

Dashpivot enables companies to better track work, materials, waste, and project progress - giving them unprecedented production controls & insights.

Production tracking software

Used by great production teams and managers on projects of all sizes.

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Make more informed decisions about the planning and execution of upcoming work - and keep teams on the same page about progress.

When your main data collection and entry processes are manual; your distribution to teams is manual; and your data must be manually exported to excel for processing - you are wasting resources on admin and making it impossible to track and manage work properly.

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Shift reporting app


Saving time in materials order processing + getting required supplies to site faster = making faster project progress.

Bring tighter control and more standardisation to your materials and inspection processes, giving you more visibility on orders and clarity about how the project is tracking.

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Create automated workflows with custom notification and digital internal and external sign-off control, so nothing gets missed and all of your important data and evidence lives on the same forms in the same place.


Take and attach photos of goods and materials in real-time - so production knows what's going on and everyone is confident everything is being seen and recorded.


Track the number of orders per person, the number of order per vendor, and other detailed insights through analytics derived directly from site.


See where and why your projects are running over budget in real-time so that you can proactively make changes and save end-of-project headaches.

Dashpivot gives you real-time comparative production data - actual progress vs. planned -  so that you don't have to spend hours and hours manually tracking and entering data into excel and aren't always one step behind what's happening today.


Create digital daily diaries which everyone on site can access and complete on the job with mobile or tablet - automating the job of aggregating production data and freeing up time for assessment and changes.


Cross-reference your findings and insights by filtering through photos based on projects, teams, person and date.


Build custom bar charts and s-curve graphs with no manual data entry to showcase real-time planned vs. actual data. Easily filter and pivot charts and graphs to delve deeper into the details.

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Has changed the way that the Site Diary is being captured and is in the process of streamlining the recording and tracking of daily costs and production rates.

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Track waste more effectively to save money on every project and make better decisions about waste management in the future.

Tracking waste is virtually impossible with hundreds of different and non-standardised forms, and it's costing you time to find and reconcile - and money in poor waste management.

Waste tracking register
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Waste tracking

View a detailed register of all of your waste items, which is automatically pulling data from easy-to-use digital (and mobile) forms your people on site are using to do their daily jobs and records.


See relevant photos attached to the register and forms, or cross-reference your findings in the photo and media library.


Track waste more effectively than ever before (and with less work than ever before) by automating dashboards which show the quantity of waste items, types of waste, and other insights.


Automate real-time tracking of planned vs. actual expenditures on all of your projects, enabling you to see accurate forecasts today.

Accurate production budgeting and forecasting is virtually impossible with fragmented forms, lost records, and data lag. Real-time data capture and automated analytics makes it possible to see how you are going and make confident forecasts and better decisions.


Standardised forms deployed to projects and teams makes capturing and aggregating site production data completely automated.


Enable site engineers and PM's to add photo proof of budget impacts and give you visual evidence to add to your data and forecasts.


Real-time dashboards give you complete oversight of every project you run through dashpivot and every team using digital forms and photos. Build any number of data visuals and filter and pivot for details inside of your dedicated analytics hub.

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Reduce your daily admin, build bulletproof daily records, and get new (and automated) reporting insights.

Daily reporting is a critical part of site and company record keeping, but it can be a time-consuming and admin heavy process. Automate the frustrating manual data entry, duplicate work and chart building with smart software and an easy-to-use app.

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Construction daily reporting software

Create your own daily reporting form or choose and customise our free reporting template. Making filling in and looking at reports with 8+ form fields types.


Take photos and videos inside of the app, and organise your media through smart tags, projects and teams for easy traceability. Need to see photos from a specific daily record? Use a number of filters to find it quickly.


Your daily report data is automatically aggregated, so that you can create custom charts and dashboards showing you daily activity and other insights.

Dashpivot software is flexible enough to handle even more of your production jobs. Book a demo to tell us about your use case or simply get started now.