Personal risk assessment app

Ensure your workforce are completing their personal risk assessments every shift to keep all your employees and contractors safe.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

~200 employees

~20 employees

~25,000 employees

~40 employees

~10,000 employees

~1,500 employees

~35,000 employees

~20 employees

~12,000 employees

~40 employees

~1,000 employees

~5,000 employees

~1,000 employees

Create detailed personal risk assessment templates for your team

Build standardised personal risk assessment forms to make it easy to capture all the information you need.

Use the free personal risk assessment template or convert your existing process using the drag and drop form builder.

Make it easy to record personal risk assessments from anywhere

It can be hard to ensure the workforce is completing their personal risk assessments every shift with paper versions.

Using Sitemate your workforce can complete simple yet targeted take 5s on their phone to uncover any changes to site conditions, the task requirements and the potential risk controls required.

Complete personal risk assessments even when offline

If your worksite is in a remote area or underground without internet, your team can still record personal risk assessments.

Available offline and online and available in Dashpivot immediately once synced to track completion and monitor changes to the hazards found on site.

Take and attach photos to your personal risk assessment with markup

Ensure your personal risk assessments are well documented with photos and videos to give full context.

Take photos via the app and attach them to your forms, and add markup to highlight things of note.

Photos can be tagged with timestamps, geotagging or any other tags you need.

Get a timeline overview of all personal risk assessments completed

It takes a lot of admin work to collect all personal risk assessments and track completion after every single shift which can result in missed hazards leading to improper controls and eventually incidents.

Keep track of assessments broken down by day and with tags such as the submitter's name to organise things easier.

Share completed personal risk assessments quickly and easily

Send any of your personal risk assessments as perfectly formatted CSV or PDF documents directly from site or in the office.

Every export has your logo and company colours, so everything stays standardised and professional.

Track frequency of personal risk assessments automatically

Keep track of personal risk assessments submitted by site area or zone, or by employee to monitor if they're being submitted regularly.

Use filters and breakdowns to extract actionable insights in real time.

More than 'just' a personal risk assessment app - if you want it to be

Don't want too many different apps, tools and systems to login into, use and maintain?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which works for safety use cases like risk registers, permits to work, and for other site activities and processes including daily reporting, safety inspections, quality inspections and more.

Use Dashpivot to take care of just your personal risk assessments or consolidate your processes into a single easy to use app.

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