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Improve how you document, manage and track safety to remain compliant while keeping everyone safe

Creating safer and more efficient processes for companies of all sizes

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Streamline and improve any of your safety processes with ease


Streamline permit creation, completion & approval.

Safe Work Method Statements

Manage all of those SWMS documents more efficiently.

Toolbox talks

Build a fast, safe and reliable pre-start and toolbox talk process.

Safety checklists

Ensure high safety standards continue to be met.


Build a fast, safe and reliable pre-start and toolbox talk process.

Safety reports

Get more accurate and detailed performance metrics.

Hazard Identification

Improve your hazard identification process for everyone.

Risk assessments

Streamline how you conduct, manage and action risk assessments.


Improve compliance and reduce incidents by standardising and automating permits


Access, sign and share your SWMS or method statements documents from anywhere


Digital SWMS forms which can be accessed and signed off from anywhere, and stay securely stored and easy to find

Contactless signatures

Enable the workforce or external parties to instantly sign off on SWMS docs using a free digital ID


See SWMS status dashboards and get insights which help you improve site and worker safety


Ensure your safety checklists are easy to complete properly, and keep all of your safety records


Manage your safety checklists in one place, making them quick and easy to fill in for everyone, and keeping all of your checklist and safety records


Attach safety photos and other media directly to checklists so nothing is missed and it's easy to trace incidents or do further investigations.


Track key safety data and metrics out of your safety checklists automatically


Streamline and improve your toolbox talks and toolbox records


Enable supervisors or workers to instantly access and fill out the digital toolbox talk template

Contactless signatures

Eliminate manual signatures and wasted time with digital ID cards and contactless signatures for internal and external workers


Track the number and frequency of toolbox talks to track your safety leading indicators, and get other smart automations

Automated safety compliance

Sitemate has worked with a number of companies on getting and maintaining ISO certification - and the system makes demonstrating your management system and passing safety audits automatic

Dashpivot ISO certification


Automate safety reporting processing and get easily understandable safety metrics


Manage all of your safety reporting (incident reports, near miss reports etc.) in one tool, with the ability to track the progress or status of reports


Setup real-time charts so you can report on safety accurately and as it happens


The easiest way to improve your hazard identification process and performance is to make identifying hazards as simple and painless as possible


Enable workers on site to pull out their phone or tablet and fill out an incident report with photo proof and a digital signature


Automate your hazard procedure with instant notifications and visual workflows so no hazards ever get missed


Organise your automatically aggregated hazard form data into charts and dashboards to see hazard trends

Your ideal safety processes, made possible almost instantly

Almost any safety process can be run in the system

Any safety document or procedure you currently run with Word, Excel, PDF or other apps can be converted into the system automatically, created in the system with simple drag-and-drop, or chosen from our free library of best practice safety templates


Complete group pre starts and machine pre starts quickly and easily from site


Access and complete any pre start form on a computer, mobile or tablet - including group pre starts, machine pre starts and vehicle pre starts


Attach photo proof directly to pre start forms so people can see and action issues quickly

Contactless signatures

For group pre starts, contactless signatures enable workers to sign off on the pre start with the scan of a free digital ID card


Reduce risk and keep your operation compliant with digital risk assessments


Create standardised risk assessment templates which people can use in the office or on site, to ensure your risk assessments are compliant and filled in properly

Forms and photos

Give site workers the tool they need to capture all of that important risk assessment information from the field


Get detailed insights into your risk assessments so that you can better prioritise and manage risk moving forward

Award winning safety software

Best Value – EHS Management

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Source: Capterra software reviews

Dashpivot software award
Dashpivot software award

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