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Dashpivot flexible safety management system enables companies to streamline their safety processes, forms and records to remain compliant and achieve their safety goals.

Safety management software

Used by the safest safety teams, managers and engineers on projects of all sizes.

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Improve safety compliance and reduce site accidents and injuries by becoming more proactive about permit completion & management.

Streamline the documentation and approval process of those incredibly important safety processes so that everyone is doing the right thing; everyone is informed; and people get home safe.

Safety permit workflow
Safety permit construction
Safety permit software


Make more informed decisions about your SWMS process - resulting in less incidents.

Streamline your project and team tasks through better SWMS completion and management - and improve your processes and overall safety record over time.

SWMS software
Safe work method statement
SWMS dashboard

Create digital SWMS forms with ease using Dashpivot's simple drag-and-drop form builder.


Attach relevant photos at every step of the process required to complete a given task.


See SWMS status dashboards and get insights which help you improve your processes over time.


Ensure your safety checklists aren't being given the tick-and-flick by making them easy to fill in (properly) on site.

Create digital safety checklists at the organisation level which can then be deployed across projects and teams to standardise data collection and make sure everyone is maintaining the same high safety standards. Dashpivot digital checklists are always accessible, always organised and as easy to download, print or share as word or PDF documents.


Build, edit and manage all of your safety checklists in Dashpivot, making them quick and easy to complete, clone or edit on mobile, tablet or computer.


Attach safety photos and other media directly to checklists so nothing is missed and it's easy to trace incidents or do further investigations.


Automate dashboards which pull data from your safety checklists e.g create a KPI chart which shows the number of inpsections completed at the team, project or organisation level.

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Safety checklist software
Safety report software

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Site inductees are often at the most risk of injury. Make sure your pre qualification process is keeping everyone safe and your reputation clean.

Easily create, track, and manage all inductions and pre qualifications in one centralised platform which people can access, use, and sign from anywhere.

Subcontractor pre qualification software
Contractor pre qualification software
Pre qualification software

Create a streamlined, standardised digital checklist for inductions which can be completed without login or registration.


Take and attach photos of cards so that all of the records you need are kept and maintained together.


See frequency reports of inductions completed per subcontractor - and get new insights on the quality and quantity of inductions.


Automate safety reporting processing and get easily understandable performance visualisations.

Manually collecting safety report data on LTI's (lost time injury), MTI's (Medical treatment injury), TRIFR's (Total recordable injury frequency rate), FAI's (First aid injury) and then manually aggregating all of this data is a massive resource drain.


Create digital incident reports which can be easily accessed and completed via mobile or tablet at the point of incident - on site.


Get accurate insights on all of your incident reports so that you can make better safety decisions across projects, teams, and your entire organisation.

Safety report app
Safety report software


The easiest way to improve your hazard identification process and performance is to make identifying hazards as simple and painless as possible.

People tend to overlook potential hazards when the process for identifying and documenting them is difficult and time-consuming, so you need to improve the hazard identification process to improve your safety progress. You can do that with a single integrated tool for hazard identification and tracking.

Hazard identification tool
Hazard identification software
Hazard identification system

Create or choose smart hazard identification forms, which can be easily accessed, completed, and signed off from anywhere - with approval automation easy to setup as well.


Take photos and videos of hazards inside the app on phone or tablet, so that they can be seen by everyone in real-time and don't get lost before being uploaded 'later'.


Organise your automatically aggregated hazard form data into charts and dashboards to see how many hazards have been identified and other safety performance metrics.


Get everyone on the same page in terms of project and safety progress, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Ensure that your pre-starts and safety toolbox talks are filled with useful and accurate safety information which helps people do their jobs properly - and safely.


Create a simple and standardised pre-start template which makes it quick and easy for everyone to signoff and get on with the days work safely.


Have access to every project and safety photo in one place, so you can look back and point to or tell people about certain areas, safety issues or events.


Keep everyone updated and informed on project progress and new or rectified safety issues during your talks with site annotations and markups.

Safety pre-starts and toolbox talks
Safety photos
Safety pre-starts


Projects are getting riskier. How you prepare for and manage risks throughout your projects is more important than ever.

Improve how you manage risk assessments prior to a project, and how workers complete and organise risk assessments for every day activities. Dashpivot has all of the tools you need to mitigate risk, deliver on time, and get everyone home safe.

Risk assessment safety software
Risk assessment
Safety management system

Create standardised risk assessment templates which people can use in the office or on site, to ensure your risk assessments are compliant and filled in properly.

Forms and photos

Give site workers the tool they need to document and capture all of that important risk assessment information so they remain safe, and so does your company reputation.


Get detailed insights into your risk assessments so that you can better prioritise and manage risk through better decision making.

Dashpivot software is flexible enough to handle even more of your safety jobs. Book a demo to tell us about your use case or simply get started now.