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Improve your commercial processes and record keeping to better document, organise and track field data - reducing costly delays and commercial losses

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Streamline and improve any of your commercial processes and interactions

Site Diary

Streamline the daily task and secure recording of daily diaries

Back Charge Management

Better manage the recording of changes and errors to prove fault

Delay & Change Management

Get better at managing expected and unexpected change

Contract Pre-Qualification

Streamline pre-qualifications to get started on work faster

Variation Management

Track and record those inevitable variations more systematically

Meeting Minutes

Have a full digital record of meeting agenda items

Site Instruction

Ensure everything outside the contract scope is organised effectively

Claims Creation & Review Management

Get more accurate real-time data on quantities to make the right claims

Extension of Time (EOTs)

Get a more comprehensive real-time summary of all scope changes


Improve site productivity & build bulletproof records of work through digital site diaries


Unlock a systematic process for creating and recording back charges so you always have the information you need on-hand.


Create standardised workflows between team members which automate the notification and signoff process


Need to find photo evidence of a day or event? Filter through the photo library which can be organised by function, person, location and date


See the back charges per subcontractor and filter for other insights with the industries most reliable analytics


Manage and mitigate those inevitable changes and delays more effectively - saving project time and company money


Setup real-time workflows and notifications which trigger back charges and come attached with supporting documentation. Export any evidence or data instantly


Add supporting delay and change event photos on site through dashpivot's native android or iOS app - so that records are traceable and reliable


Maintain complete oversight of delays and changes - and dive into the details on back charges per subcontractor and other normally missing details


Better record, manage and organise meeting minutes from any device


Using dashpivot for meeting minutes gives you an ordered and searchable database of all of your minutes, with supporting information and attachments always connected and available


Look back and filter through an automated register of your meeting minutes to find specific information


See detailed records of your meeting minutes and export them for records or sharing whenever required

We have been able to digitise our HSEQ and commercial processes and engage with our clients and partners on the platform. It has improved the efficiency of our project delivery and allows our engineers to get back to doing what they should be doing.

Brian Mahon
Chief Operating Officer | Source: Capterra


Ensure all contractors working on a project have gone through pre-qualification checks, reducing fines and the additional expense incurred in the event of an accident


Provide subcontractors and suppliers with webview access to complete the deployed checklist and signoff. Automate workflows so that reviewers are notified of this activity in real-time


Store important contractor information in a smart database with licenses, expiries and more


Get dashboard analytics on the number of subcontractors who have been onboarded, where they are coming from and what they are doing


Validate approved site instructions to compare against subcontractor claims - ensuring you don't get unfairly charged


Mobile access to the correct site instruction workflows ensure everyone knows what they are doing on site. All forms and workflows are ordered into a searchable register for traceability when required


Attach photos of the work completed outside of the scope so there is visual proof of what happened


See data on how many site instructions each contractor has claimed, so that you are able to learn and make better decisions in the future


Improve and automate how you communicate and manage change orders and variations


Access, fill out, update and share your variation forms from any device


Setup real-time notifications on change orders and variations to avoid leaving decisions unmade and losing time and money


See the number of change orders or variations taking place by function, project and team in automated dashboards - so that you can see how to improve and make the necessary changes

Create, convert or choose your digital documents

Any of your current commercial documentation can be automatically converted into the digital format for you

Alternatively you can choose and edit our best practice templates, or create your own using simple drag-and-drop form building


Utilise smart software for recording and sharing claims with your team to avoid missing critical information.


Create automated workflows for claim creation, review and signoff to ensure the approved standardised process is followed every time


Relevant photos and proof are on hand and searchable via tags and filters whenever you need them

Contactless signatures

Get deeper analytics and insights on claimed quantities and see exactly where the majority of claims are coming from


Reduce the risk of liquidated damages and loss of approved contract time


Customise EOT worklflows to improve the internal flow of EOT's between team members - and grant permission-based client access for real-time signoff

Forms and photos

Forms and workflows are linked to supporting photos and evidence for traceability and clarity


Get real-time analytics on all of your EOT's with beautiful dashboards and downloadable reports

Take care of commercial records and other functions in one system

Keeping good commercial records is crucial to good project management, but so are safety, quality, plant and equipment and other parts of the business.

Using Dashpivot software, you can consolidate any of your paper or field processes into the smart digital format to keep all of your project information in the same place.

Start improving your commercial management and outcomes today