A digital and intelligent internal management system (IMS)

Dashpivot is an intelligent digital system of record which systems & IT teams use to connect their IMS or management system to the daily jobs of engineers, foremen and project managers - streamlining work across the company and improving data capture, document management, and performance reporting.

Project management software for construction

Used by companies big and small on projects of all sizes.

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Consolidate your data, processes and documents and eliminate unnecessary and fragmented tools. Dashpivot creates efficient alignment between your systems architecture and the way that work gets done every day.

Dashpivot is structured to give you the controls & organisation necessary to get work done efficiently.

Work and records are directly connected through the entire stack - and are always accessible in the office or on site - without the need for any duplicating data, uploading, downloading or emailing.



Reduce organisational risk and ensure national and international standard compliance.

Save time and stress by easily deploying standardised and trackable documents to chosen projects and teams - who can access them with specified permissions & complete them in the office or on site.

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Standardised documents
Form builder software
Project and team management software


Get a proper project overview and cross-compare how functions are impacting business performance with new insights.

Proactively respond to issues when they arise and make better more informed decisions based on reliable real-time data. When there is a quality incident, what is the time and cost impact?

Project management dashboard examples
Construction project dashboard
Project management dashboard software
Real-time performance dashboards

Create a number of automated chart, graph and table types which pull real-time data from any project or team.

Standardised data and reporting

All of the data in dashpivot is clean and standardised because it originated from the forms in your standardised template library.

Custom dashboards & unlimited insight

Say goodbye to manual data entry and pivot table building by searching and filtering automated dashboards for specific information or insights.


Before now, it was practically impossible to keep processes across numerous sites running on the same document versions.

When everyone runs slightly different processes, data is fragmented and process improvement is impossible. Dashpivot makes version control automatic through its simplified architecture and deployment controls.

Version control on every template

Grant permissions at the systems level to control changes - and see a time-stamped, person-stamped overview of any version changes or edits made along the way.

Automatically updated to all teams

Every change or edit made to the parent template automatically updates the form everyone is using in a parent-child relationship.

Previous versions remain unchanged

Forms completed prior to the change aren't altered and retain their integrity.

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Version control best practices
Version control in project management
Version control best practices


You don't need to prepare for a project audit when using a system which automatically aggregates, stores and organises project data.

Manually searching for and requesting records from various teams and projects to prepare for an audit is time-consuming and carries a high risk of missing or delayed data.

Project compliance
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Project audit
The master view

See and control everything from a centralised digital system of record.

Audit trail on every form

Have full visibility and full traceability on forms, workflows, and photos.

Auto-generated unique form numbers

Ensure all of your records are unique and documented with all of the neccesary information.

True compliance is only possible with real-time management systems.

AS/NZS 4801 OH&S Management Systems

OHSAS 18001 Standard

ISO 9001 Quality Standard

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

OFSC Accreditation

Complete NSW/VIC Government Pre-Qualification/ISO Certification

See what a work-based project management & performance platform can do for you.

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Dashpivot can also be integrated with your other tools to give you an even more impressive tech 'stack'.

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