Health and safety reporting app

Save time and effort with easy to create professional safety reports for submission to boards, clients and auditors.

Streamlining companies, projects and teams of every size

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~25,000 employees

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Create standardised health and safety reports

Create your reports from the same template every month to save time and ensure nothing is missed.

Use the free health and safety template, customise it to your own processes or build your own with the drag and drop form builder.

Attach photos directly to health and safety reports

Ensure your health and safety reports are well documented with supporting photos and videos.

Take photos from the app and automatically add timestamps, geotagging, description, markup and smart tags.

Attach PDFs with markup to your health and safety reports

Attach incident reports, investigations, corrective actions and other documents for a complete and thorough report.

Have an attachment field in your form to add PDFs and make it a required field if it is mandatory for your health and safety reports.

Use formulas to help calculate health and safety metrics

Use advanced formulas within your health and safety report to automatically calculate all your safety metrics including: TRIFR, LTIFR, TCIR/TRIR, DARTR, LWDIR, Severity Rate, EMR.

Add a table in your form and you can reference other table fields to create complex calculations.

Add required fields to your health and safety reports

Ensure your health and safety reports are properly filled out every time.

Add required fields so the form can't be submitted unless the required fields are filled out or required attachments are attached.

Share health and safety reports directly from the app

With Dashpivot, it's quick and easy to share completed health and safety reports in a single click as PDF or CSV.

Every report has your logo and company brand colours, so everything is professional and on brand.

Track health and safety metrics automatically

The analytics dashboard is your home to see all analytics about health and safety reports submitted so you can find trends and ways to improve health and safety.

Use filters and breakdowns to pinpoint specific categories, teams, projects or locations that are performing better or worse.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your health and safety reports

Quickly and easily switch between views to convert your health and safety reports between timeline and register view

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than 'just' a health and safety reporting app - if you want it to be

If you're using multiple tools, spreadsheets and documents to manage your health and safety processes, there's a better way.

Dashpivot can do more than just handle health and safety reports, it can manage your entire health and safety systems. Whether it's audits, incident reporting and investigations, registers or risk assessments, Dashpivot has templates for many health and safety use cases.

Use Dashpivot for just health and safety reports or switch to an integrated health and safety management system.

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