The smart toolbox talk app

Easily document and automate toolbox talk sign offs directly from site, making your toolbox talks easy and compliant.

Used to streamline and improve toolbox talks of every size and frequency

~10,000 employees

~500 employees

~10 employees

~25,000 employees

~200 employees

~1,500 employees

~20 employees

~6,000 employees

~30,000 employees

~400 employees

~40 employees

~5,000 employees

~1,000 employees

Digitise your toolbox talk form and records

Create a custom toolbox talk form with a powerful form builder, or use the free toolbox talk template in our template library to get started right away.

Build a smarter toolbox talk form with topic tables, date selectors, digital manual signatures or completely contactless signatures.

Access and complete your toolbox talks from any device

Open the toolbox talk app directly on site. Add information and discussion topics as you go, and then have everyone quickly sign off on the discussion so you know who attended and when.

All of your created and completed toolbox talks are automatically stored and organised online, where you can easily find them, edit them or convert them into a professionally formatted PDF document.

Contactless scan and sign for lightning fast and compliant toolbox signatures

Perfect for toolbox talk sign offs and group signatures, contactless scan and sign enables people to sign off on documents using a secure and free digital ID card.

This saves time, reduces cross-person contact and also makes your records more reliable with better data attached to each signature including the persons name, the time and date of the signature and GPS location.

Track your toolbox talks and safety practices more accurately over time

The toolbox talk app automatically 'counts' and aggregates all of your data so that you can get analytics and information about your toolbox talks and safety production, including things like how many toolbox talks were conducted on a specific site, team or subject

Keep all of your toolbox talks from the app organised and compliant, automatically

Real-time project management register
Project management register

Download, print or share a specific toolbox talk record from the app

Any of your toolbox talks captured with the toolbox talk app or software can be instantly download, shared or printed in PDF or spreadsheet format - and comes attached with your company logo and colours to keep everything looking neat and professional.

A simple toolbox talk app, and a powerful safety system

You want people from all skill levels to be able to use it and i think that we've definitely found that, and having the apps on smartphones has meant that the guys on site and all of our subcontractors have easily been able to adapt to it.

Sophie Foss
Project Manager | Hunter Mason

Hunter Mason

See how Hunter Mason uses Dashpivot and the Sitemate app to conduct contactless, fast and secure toolbox talks

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