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Streamline your boring log process to quickly and easily capture details straight from site.

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Create a standardised boring log template

Easily and securely complete bore logs to document all of the important details associated with your specific drill and drilling activity.

Use and customise the free boring log template or create your own with the drag and drop form builder.

Boring logs accessible via the app on mobile or tablet

Capture details directly from the bore site, such as test results, GPS location, bore size and casing details, detailed photos and PDF markups and convert to a professional report without visiting the office.

Dashpivot’s digital bore logs can be completed via mobile phone or tablet on site.

Complete bore logs even when offline

Empower your team to complete boring logs when in areas of little or no internet connectivity.

Load the boring log template, record your results then the boring log app will automatically resync to the app and the office when you regain internet connection.

Attach photos and videos directly to boring logs

Ensure your bore logs are well-documented with accompanying photos and videos to give full context.

Take photos and videos directly from the boring log app, automatically add timestamps, geotagging, smart tags and add markup to photos.

Create automated boring log workflows

Dashpivot’s digital bore logs have automated review workflows which enable remote review and approval without delay.

Create a boring log template to notify your team that the bore log needs to be completed, then get notified when it's completed so it can receive signoff approval to close off the process.

Share boring logs from the app with a single click

Make it easy for your team to share completed boring logs from the app on mobile or tablet as CSV or PDF.

Every export has your logo and company colours, so everything stays standardised and professional.

Detailed analytics on boring log performance

Get actionable insights on boring activities in the Analytics Dashboard.

Use filters and breakdowns to see statuses of all your logs, how many bore logs are being submitted daily, weekly or monthly, broken down by zone, location, team, equipment or any other metrics you're capturing.

Completely eliminate double-handling of your boring logs

Keep track of bore logs submitted by utilising the Timeline and Register views as needed

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than just a boring log app

Are you using multiple tools, apps or spreadsheets to manage your geotechnical processes?

Dashpivot is a flexible app which can be used for other geotechnical use cases such as engineering reports, site investigations and survey requests.

Use Dashpivot as just a boring log app or streamline your entire geotechnical workflow.

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